Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Run 1369 Daylight Saving Run

Hi Fellow Hashers

How good is to get back to bush runs & still be able to see where you're going. I love daylight saving!

Was surprised the RA didn't do a better job with the weather this week, everything considering, but despite the rain & cold it was a great run with a very convivial On After.

We welcomed back Spencer Hocking after a 3 month absence. I think he has spent all that pay rise already.
Drambuie also made it back after a long absence. Good to see you can come by yourself when you want!!!
Also, welcome back The Hill Billies, Bare Box & Bubba.

There were no Super or Significant runs although Drambuie & Bare Box came prematurely & signed on for next weeks run. You idiots.

Thanks to the girls who made it to the PMT run.
Tried to trade off Mountie while we were off visiting, under the Auntie/Niece rule but there were no takers. Probably cos there are no rules at Hash. Looks like we are stuck with her for a bit longer.

Happy birthday to Rowdy & Dumb & Dumber & congratulations to Pebbles who became a granddad last week.

Black Kettle Award (think that's what it is called) goes to Dribbles & Shoots for declaring he was a natural blonde!!
While we are on the subject of awards, this weeks Dummy Spit goes to The Bill. He went to get the book from his car after the run & hurt his leg in the process, so he threw the book in my lap & said I could keep the book!!! Oh dear some people can get a bit precious...

Next weeks run is at the Nerrina Tavern & the hare/hear/hair (can't you guys tell the difference!) is Beer Phuck.

On On
Lois Lane

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