Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PMT 100th Run

Hi fellow harriets

What a great time we had last night. Geelong turned on a beautiful balmy night, which made for a very enjoyable run.

I thought we would miss the loud overtures of Mounty on the bus trip but the tarts that went did us proud.

We had fanny flashing (no names - what happens on the trip stays on the trip!), excess drinking & even a christening. Yep Sue is now called Bare Foot Bitch. Move over Phuck Wit she is one of us now!!

We even managed to win all the raffles. Drop Kick won 2 of them but did we get to share any of them...

We figured out why no men go. It's because they all bring their own dogs, & the bigger the better. I think at one stage there were more dogs than pussies at the On After.

We tried very hard to steal something of value but they were on to us. It appears the only thing we managed to nick were 2 red plastic spoons. We just need a volunteer to pose with them stuck up their backside so we can send a photo back to them demanding they come & collect them. Any takers??

Thanks again to everyone who made the trip. It was lots of fun.
There will be a combined run held in Ballarat sometime next year so watch this space.

On On
Lois Lane

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