Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not quite the neverending run 1370

Hi Fellow Hashers

I know I'm a bit late posting my blog but I just wanted to make sure everyone was back from the run.
Beer Phuck had a bit of trouble with the concept of halts, checks, on backs, & we don't run marathons! In other words keeping the pack together. Never mind not being able to find those pink bits.

I heard a funny story this week that Beer Phuck thought there were mixed thoughts on the run being a good one or not. To which the reply was 'Beer Phucks v everyone elses'.

All was not lost as the drink stop was well supplied & we were suitably entertained at the On After by our visiting hasher Muka Puki from HIV Kalgoorlie.

Significant runners this week were Doggy Bag 222, Shafted 213.

Welcome back to Sqizzy & Terry.

Terry (& everyone else) couldn't remember her old hash name so she was re-christened Moose Burger.

Congratulations to Rear Entry for winning the raffle this week. There will be more raffles to come but there will be a variety of prizes & of a better quality.
Normal, I expect you to buy lots of tickets each week!!!

Next weeks run is Shafted's at Bald Hills School (see below for instruction) & On After is at his home cnr Midas Rd & Mt Pisgah Rd.

On On
Lois Lane

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