Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Run 1366 &1367 - Tarts Rule!

Yep, 2 tart runs in a row & the RA managed to keep us wet on both days - how does he do it!!

We welcomed back Deep Heat last week & Drop Kick this week.

There were no Super Runners but SS celebrated is 1213 run.

Cleavage's run was around Redan & no doubt we will be using the trail next year & the year after, & the year after. I'm sure the paint will be there for a while to come.

It was a cold, wet night but the company & garage was warm & we enjoyed a lovely meal.

Happy 50th birthday Cleavage.

What can I say about the run this week. Fantastic? Yep that's it.

Rain stayed away for the run and no-one got lost running around the bush. That was a good thing...wasn't it? Sorry but 1/2 Bar was too noisy to lose.

Did you enjoy that award winning soup.....None of Bent Noses' runner up stuff!

Thanks Bent for the longest screw you've given for a while. I may have enjoyed it if there weren't so many people watching us esp BP...

Next weeks run is The Bills at the North Britain. That's if we can tear him away from using those viewing glasses at the Nude & Naked Exhibition.

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