Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Titlands Golf Club

Yep, finally SOS got to see some tit but he was standing behind her & missed the lot!!

And my god, what a lot there was. There was more there than all our tarts put together. (hope i don't sound toooo bitter & twisted).

Maybe Santa Sax nether region is as big as her tits & couldn't resist pinching the penis glass to get some satisfaction on the journey home! Too bad though, as the penis police were on to her & the glass & the box it fits into (& I'm not referring to mine either) are safe back in the hands of the Sovereign Hash.

We did have some home grown important events as well.

Bubba ran his 200th run this week. Well done.
There were also a couple of significant runs. FOP 113 & Bad Hair Day 569.

Visiting Hashers. Mini Balls all the way from Ballarat via Kuwait.
PMT Hash represented by Insatiable & Santa Sax.

PMT hash were plugging their 100th run weekend @ Port Campbell on 4th & 5th October.

There will be a trip down to Geelong on 1st October if anyone is interested in attending the 1ooth run. Just let me know if you want to go to that one.

Excess Baggage is the hare for next weeks run & we are meeting at Diva's Curry Restaurant in Eureka St. Opp the Stockade.

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