Monday, August 18, 2008

Atlantic Run

Hi Everyone

This weeks run was all about quality not quantity. Whilst the numbers were smaller than usual, everyone got to enjoy one of the better set runs. The walkers also got to share in the trail and everyone finished together under a full moon. Very romantic. Well done FOP & Out the Front.

There were a few welcomes backs. Rocky, Dribbles, Hopi & Remote & even Bent Nose got out of his sick bed to come back.

Congratulations to Rocky who had a significant run. 777.
FOP had the stutters & wrote his name & run number in the book twice, while Remote wrote his using Braille signs. Both blamed their wifes. No wonder we are the knitters club!!

We learned this week that giving head is how us girls get to earn our jewelery. I was going to say there will be a ring inspection next week but mmmm maybe I won't.

Don't forget next weeks run is now at the Midlands Golf Club on Heinz Lane as is the On After. (I'm not sure how I will get there as I am boycotting Heinz Lane after I got a speeding ticket last time I drove down that road.)
Rowdy is still the hare but it is NOT a pie night anymore.

On On
Lois Lane

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