Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Hill Billy Run

Howdy again fellow hashers

Apologies for my tardiness for not posting this earlier. I could blame Oplympicitis but I won't.

This weeks run saw the return of Deep & Drop Kick. Welcome back.
Silic gave himself a drink cos he thought he might have been welcome back as well!

Congratulations to FOP for his 111 run.

Birthday greetings to the 2 hares. Not only do they cum together every week they also have birthdays together.

The trail this week was in keeping with the Hill Billy theme. Was inbreed & it appears only the Hill Billies ran it. The drink stop had to be taken to the the masses as no-one seemed to find it in the bushes.

Next weeks run is FOP & Out the Fronts' at the Atlantic Hotel.

Also. there is a change of venue for the following weeks run. Rowdy has had to change the venue of his run. It is now at the Midlands Golf Club as is the On After. It is NOT a Pie Night anymore.

On On Lois Lane

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