Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Runs 1364 & 1354

Ok so I am a slack arse.

I must have spent too much time on the loo after that curry meal or maybe my Johnny Cash wouldn't let me sit down for too long.

Anyway, Vanaja's run was a beauty. Thanks FOP for setting the run & even the rain eased up in the end.

Food was awesome at both the drink stop & the on after.

We welcomed back Masterbait & Normal (well he thinks he was welcome back!!).
We also welcomed a new runner - Pain in the Dark. I think we must have scared him off as he never turned up this week.

Dumb & Dumber had a devil of a significant run. 666
AND... FOP had to drink the prick of the week for losing the Prick glass to the PMT hash the week before.

Son of Spider hosted this weeks run. Blow was a Blow in as a helper we believe.

Big wraps from the ladies for making a special trip just to get some special drinks. We love you heaps. (but not enough to show you our tits!!!)

Coincidently Spider was welcomed back this week. Are you sure he's not your dad?

Congratulations to Silic our super runner this week. 500 runs well done. I think our wine scribe & photographers out did themselves this week for his wine. Very very funny label.

A couple of significant runs also. SS 1212 (ok so it just looks good on paper) & Bear Box 50. Well done.

Mrs D was sick this week so she was replaced by the sickest person I could find. Thanks Normal for standing in for her.

Reminder PMT are having their 100th run on Wed 1 Oct & a 9 seater bus is going down if anyone is interested. There are a couple of seats left so let me know.

Next weeks run is at 801 Barkly St. Cleveage is the hare/hair/hear.

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