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9 - 4 - '18        Run 1874        Mystery Bus

The "fabulous East" was the new start point for the annual 
mystery bus trip - "not going anywhere near the City Oval" 
spruiked the GM for his pen-ultimate night in the Chair. They
paraded in various levels of feathers & guns for the 
"Gangster's Ball". We paid our dues & attached the obligatory 
wrist band - (no glasses) which bit rips off anyway?" 
The bus appeared from Avoca - have we pissed off Gold Bus 
that much? We take off further toward the East, when the 
Coach Captain grounds the front of the bus on the tarmac -
scrape, groan, scrape - get up to the back of the f*ckin' bus 
SILIC & SHAFTED, & take some weight off of the front. We
scraped thru', to a resounding chorus of "do it again" - who'd
be the driver for that mob of piss-pots? The girls had to lift
their legs high over the eskys in the walkway, until we 
eventually saw HER FANNY!! Hobartians, CRACKER
IN THE RAW hadn't realised the sniffyc*nts of the night's
attire, & fronted up in the usual Hash gear, & in asking
NORMAL to take their photo with the smartphone said,
"do you know how to take a photo - just push this button
here".... ah hem !! Various changes of direction put the 
unsuspecting off the scent, until we arrived by the 'not open'
Dunnstown Pub. Off the bus, & we finished up in one of 
The O'Halloran's sheds. The drinks & finger food flowed
until a few down downs kicked in. WARWICK & SANDY TIT
got welcomed back (I think !), & then an O'Halloran, but of
course, when one O'Halloran drinks .......!
                         (They're the meanest ...).
HER VAGESTY & MOUNTIE were next for all their input 
towards the night.
                         ( She's a harriette ..... ).
Sniffyc*nt runs during the year were for SS (1600), GLIDER,
CHRIS CROS, FANG, & DR DEATH's ( 1st time running after
5 years), & when 1 Dr drinks, out there JITTERBUG, ROWDY
& QUICKDICK. GLIDER had his 40th year at Hash, MOUNTIE
reached the 'dried arrangement' of 60 on a Hash Night, & 60 
for DONUTS on a Hash Night as well. FOP had a drink for
PRECIOUS who had his 18th.
                     (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy .... ).
for their input to the Nash Hash weekend.
                           (U.g.l.y.  ....... you're Ugly).
By this time, the Hobart couple couldn't believe the 
proceedings, & were nearly pissing in each other's hand.
Sergeant SPENCE charged SS for Run No 1600 being the 
digit sum of a half of f*ck all etc etc - you know what it's like!
HYMIE & SOS were next for some reason (?), along with 
PYRO from PMT, & then DUMB & DUMBER for being 
Son of SOS for his new haircut - I'm gettin' one of too!!
GILF & PLUCKA had a drink for those absent (?), along
with Tracey.        (Do your tits hang low ..... ).
PUSBUCKET had forgotten Pete O'Halloran, so they were
both out the front, & as 1 O'Halloran drinks ......!
                     (Build a bonfire ..... & burn the f*ckin' lot).
They thought SHAFFY was a George Pell look alike, & then
FOP was presented with the "colour matched broom" as his 
dance partner. LOIS LANE & BP were charged for leaving
black feathers everywhere, GLIDER, CRACKER
IN THE RAW had no Hash gear, & TOPPY, just because
he's from Africa.
                   Ohhh, here we go ..... umm (Oughta be ...).
LOIS LANE was out there again, this time with PRAWN STAR,
for their matching outfits - which one was too short?
DIMWIT told his 'Flintstone' gag about the people in Dubai
& Abu Dhabi Do, & then the embarasment of FASCINATOR's
night (& year !!), totally f*cking up his gag in front of the
gathered 50.            (F*ck off ya c*nt, f*ck off ..... ).
And then, the 3 Wise Men, HALF A BAR, FASCINATOR &
DIMWIT had a drink together.

The Awards:

FOP was very blessed & humbled to have NUMMY for 
weekly Hash consultations, so she gets the ARSO 
Club(person) Award.
together to collect the H3 key tags.
Shit-house Run didn't go to '3peat' contender FASCINATOR,
but to HALF A BAR, thinking that he'd almost killed FERGIE
on his Run.
Tight Arsed Prick went to SILIC, the Salad Roll King.
Piss-pot of the Year went to SHAFTED for being the navigator
from Lexton, eventually sleeping in the paddock with the 
horses - the Award being presented by Hat Trick Piss-pot
Award winner, PUSBUCKET.
ROWDY's Pot Calling the Kettle Black went to MOUNTIE.
Spectacle of the Year was introduced by FOP - never missing 
a chance to 'defrock', quickly got down to the 'bare nuggets',
to present the award to ROWDY, for his 'streak' & ball 
tampering efforts at the annual cricket match.
Shit-hot Run became a Captain's Call, when FOP awarded
same to FASCINATOR for his run, with the great sunset
at Mt Beckworth.
RA MOUNTIE had the last say, Christening Entertainer
Andy Pobjoy ....... arise RANDY HEAD JOB BOY.
More frivolity & grog followed (I think) - onward to Irish,
while I tried to stave off a hangover, going home for a
'Bex & a lay down', with "me" teeth in a jar !!

Next week's run - 1875 & AGM at North Bowling Club.

"Who could that new Leader be?"

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