Monday, January 8, 2018

8 - 1 - '18    Run 1859    St George's Lake

1st 'real' run of the year since the, 'barely a quorom' run for 
Christmas, & the New Year 'Cup run'. NUM NUM was Hare,
helped along by DUMB & DUMBER (straining his back) & a 
30+ roll up. 
FOP announced virgin runner Susie with "put your hand up 
Susie" (we'd like to), and Max, & the return of FERGIE
chauffered in by HALF A BAR.
NUMMY was quick to tell us about the 3+ Km run, but didn't 
tell the SCC's about the freakin' big hill, that took us away 
from lake edge track. After the magnificent views from the 
hill-top, & one of DUMBER's renter utes strayed over the 
edge, we came across the well-stocked Drink-stop.
Back to the On-After, & the 6 or so swimmers were quick to 
get wet. We did get a prior notice from the Water Board, that
if REAR ENTRY & SHAFTED were going in, they'd let some 
water out first, but the spillway coped well !! JITTERBUG
rode around on the Christmas present doing her circle work,
while Evie was busy doing some spectacular dives into the 
water, to chase the ball from DONUTS & then NUTCRACKER.
Once the chips, dips & nuts were done, FOP rose to give 
Susie & Max a welcome drink, & welcome back to FERGIE.
            ( They're the meanest ....... )
FOP announced that he 'needed a screw' (been a while FOP?)
then PEBBLES stepped up, screwing NUMMY for the 'Run of
the Year' so far.      (S.H.I.T.T.Y trail .......... )
DUMBER was called out for having his fly undone & "don't
get an erection", but NUMMY assured us that it wouldn't 
make any difference.       (You're stupid ... so feckin' dumb).
Sergeant SPENCE gave JITTERBUG a drink for her circle
work on the Christmas bike (sorry, Holiday Bike - musn't
offend anyone) then called out DAZED & CONFUSED
the All Blacks. 
    ( I'm in love with the girl next door ...... now my finger)
The Scribe was next, as being "perpetual" (feckin' whaaat??)
& a most welcome rendition of     (Oughta be publicly .... ).
sniffyc*nt runs (I think?) & HALF A BAR for the No 666
devil's run ... (you've gotta know when to hold 'em ....).
JITTERBUG had a drink to 'celebrate' the Poms' loss in the
Cricket, then SHAFFY had to drink out of his thongs.
              (NO !! ....... drink it down, down, down).
DIMWIT had to do the circle looking for new shoes, but had
new shoes himself, along with Max, & then the whole thing
rebounded on SPENCER HOCKING.
               (Ohhh, the wiggle of his nuts ...... )
MOUNTIE got workmate Susie out for being 'Acting Boss' & 
arriving a couple of hours late, & 2nd, for falling flat on her
arse trying to 'emulate' MOUNTIE. She also had 
NUTCRACKER there for wearing men's after-shave to 
attract D & C.
SPENCE had GLIDER out for gaining 15 minutes, going to 
Hash at Creswick, & FERGIE for taking an extra 15 minutes.
NUMMY & PEBBLES (in that order) charged REAR ENTRY
for making sure SILIC wasn't at Hash, then for still not
knowing "the Song".
"what do old people talk about?" then NUMMY had a drink
for her extra large towel, while SHAFFY dried himself with
a tissue.
REAR ENTRY charged JITTERBUG for dropping her dacks,
(the bar on her boys bike WAS very close to the 'nethers' as
she rocked back & forth !!).... (Oh, the wiggle on her arse).
PLUCKA, TEFLON & SPENCE had a drink to celebrate the 
Nash Hash Reunion weekend coming up at the Athletic Club 
starting Feb 23.
Then the box of assorted bread rolls came out, together with 
some chocky sweets to go with the rest of the beer as we
be'd merry.
D & C was quick to get onto the Frog 69 gag, but not so
NUTCRACKER (I think !!).
Next week's run - 1860 - Hare Lois Lane, with a suggested 
Bush Run (TBA), but was it really thru' her mirkin ??

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