Monday, January 29, 2018

29 - 1 - '18        Run 1862    
26 Grand Junction Drive

PEBBLES' 'pearl necklace' run from home - wonder how 
many pearl necklaces have been there? FOP was there 
looking very Norman Gunston'ish, with patches on both 
cheeks - had the rod just been removed?
PEBBLES intro'd the run, saying chalk & flour, & 6K with a 
Drink-stop. The "T shirt a week" crew were in for their photo 
op, & NORMAL was Walker (wanker) Commandant. 
The run took us round some of the streets, past the "little 
boxes made of ticky tacky & they all look just the same", then
the leaf blowers, & we soon found OSSIE OSSIE OSSIE - who
said that he was lost? We followed the highway north 
(seemed like half way to Clunes), then down the back lane, 
to the well stocked Drink-stop, that was ended prematurely 
by the welcome precipitation.
Back at the On After, & SILIC said, "I can't get the middle one
to work" (well who knew?), but it was only on the BBQ ....!
HEAD HUNTER had lost her influence, running round and 
round, calling for the circle when no-one cared.
DIMWIT & GILF both still had no idea of a 'pearl necklace'.
(.... & as all DR's ....) you too QUICKDICK
                (put it in your hand Mrs Murphy .....).
FASCINATOR was there for the screwing, & called it the 
'inadequacy run', that PEBBLES was found wanting, in his
lack of 'Barry-ness' from last week. The arrows were barely
there & must have been put there when he was aroused, so 
the fascination level was 7.2
                 ( S.H.I.T.T.Y ..... shitty trail .....).
Sergeant SPENCE had HEAD HUNTER out for her ordinary
job as Choirmaster, since QUICK DICK was excellent as the 
stand-in last week, then Susie had the black wig installed 
by MOUNTIE, so as DIMWIT would know the difference.
GLIDER claimed 2117 runs over his Hash years, so SPENCE
figured (in his wisdom !!), that taking the 1st number 1, 
& adding it to the 7, would make the year 2018 (go figure!!),
so all the olds joined GLIDER for a drink - SS, MASTABAIT,
REAR ENTRY & SILICStay there SILIC & have another one 
for the confusion of whether it was you that played Federer 
in the tennis on Sunday, & that the trophy was presented by 
Ms Hrdlicka.
                  (ugly, ugly, you're so f*ckin ugly)
PEBBLES was charged for drinking light beer at the 
Drink-stop & then saying "I forgot my jumper" - all this
& he's only 200 M from home & not driving.
                   (you're stupid, so f*ckin' dumb).
DIMWIT charged Susie for (?) her puppies & some-one's
Jack Russell.
           ( ..... she's a great cock-sucker, a harriette).
DR DEATH charged Susie for being refused bar service
since she went arse over head after 2 drinks, then D&C 
had a drink for being presented with PEBBLES' black bits
(Cricket bat & stumps), & NUTCRACKER as the Pearl Diver.
MASTABAIT had HALF A BAR out for buying 100 
watermelons for $2, then no-one wanted any, & PEBBLES 
had a drink for his text to DIMWIT for help to 'build' some 
salads, as he had no idea.
DR DEATH charged HALF A BAR for getting lost twice on
the way out here, all the while PLUCKA was the front seat
DUMB & DUMBER charged MOUNTIE for her recent photo
with Eddie Everywhere.
                                     ( No !!).
REAR ENTRY charged our "Resident Dad Jokester" DIMWIT
for telling his 'best joke ever' - a pod of instrument playing
killer whales - an orca-stra.   (phew !!).
                         (No no, Bad bad, Down down).
TEFLON charged FOP for having the bolts removed from his
face, then SILIC to CHRIS CROS for being the only one ever 
to get his quoit above his head.
                         (He's the meanest ....... ).
TEFLON charged D&C for showing off her Apple watch & 
saying, "with this, you'd never have it off", then SS charged
DIMWIT & GILF for not knowing about 'pearl necklace', & then
all the pearl necklace girls drank.
                       (I want to spray you with my DNA....).
Religious Adviser MOUNTIE had Susie adopt the position,
(just as we listened to DR DEATH's phone go off!!), ..... enjoy 
the sex & running etc....... arise, BITCHFACE.
FOP had a drink for the 'shame' of not realising that most of
the Committee were there for a change.
HALF A BAR & SPENCE out for the question of Red, Blue
& Super Moons & the Eclipse.
Bill of Fare was the 'NORMAL cooked' snags & steak from 
the Hash Trailer, with bread, green salads & the 'DIMWIT
prepared' potato & egg.
HALF A BAR finished it all off saying "Doesn't f*ckin' anyone
want any f*ckin' watermelons?

Next week's run - 1863 - Hares HEAD HUNTER & QUICK DICK
from Nuggety Dam.

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