Monday, February 5, 2018

5 - 2 - '18        Run 1863       Nuggety Dam

HEAD HUNTER & QUICK DICK's (sweaty ballsac) run around 
Nuggety. Must have been "very special" for NORMAL to bring
his own car, & along the gravel to boot!! SOS was last of 31 to 
show up, & with navigator LITTLE EVIL - came in sideways in
a flurry of gravel & noise, after a bit of private rally work, 
proving that the aged Toyota can still do a wheely on gravel.
NUMMY was stand-in GM for FOP, & we even had his "poxy
proxy" after a long absence - MRS DICKHEAD (who knew??).
QUICK DICK explained the run, & showed us a handful of the 
healthy orgasmic wholemeal flour that he was to carry on the 
run, when HEAD HUNTER agreed they'd probably need it
'dealing with idiots', when DONUTS asked, "who's dealing
with the idiots?"
Plenty of hills & goat tracks made for a sweaty end at the
Drink-stop, with a welcome ale & chips.
At the On After, NUMMY welcomed GLIDER's daughter 
Phillipa (Pip) & grandson Ryan from Brisvegas, & Lyn.
Also welcomes back to EXIT, MRS D, HYMIE, SOS &
                    (There's a game called 20 toes ......... )
NUMMYs 1st charge was for MRS D after her long absence, 
& then came the new book. RA MOUNTIE was called on to
bless the old book, that at it's start, showed HOPPY as GM,
CANDIDA's 10th run, & NUM NUM's No 9. That done, 
MOUNTIE stumbled blessing the new book, when her 
'old man' PUSBUCKET stepped in to her rescue, pointing
out it's shortcomings - half the thickness, the foot logo 
upside down etc. Then came the "drink from the new book",
so it was splashed with beer, MOUNTIE licked it clean, then
SILIC's chant .......... (Give us an A ...... ).
Stand-in Screw PEBBLES began, saying "unaccustomed as
I am to screwing in the bush ....." He was happy to screw
HEAD HUNTER, but baulked (only a little bit !!) with 
QUICK DICK. That's when QUICK DICK reminded him that
he'd have to pay the 'regular fee' for HEAD HUNTER.
                     (S.H.I.T.T.Y. trail ........ ).
Sergeant SPENCE charged MOUNTIE for naming her good
                  (She's alright ........ a bit flat chested ..... ).
Lyn, Pip & Ryan, as the newbies, were called out to drink
with elder statesman SS, & Mr 3/4's (of a century) GLIDER 
75 yrs, along with EXIT.
                   (Hashy Birthday f*ck you .......... ).
SOS & HYMIE were shamed for talking during the circle.
                   (No no, bad bad, down down).
Sniffyc*nt runs were DUMBER 1099, GLIDER '707', &
HEAD HUNTER 44, then SHAFTED stepped in to shout
the son LITTLE EVIL a drink, seeing as he lives at 
'707' Doveton.That was NUTCRACKER's chance at a 
1st time call - an 'assisted' .... (Give us an A ..... ), then
old mate D&C had a drink for her 69.
MOUNTIE gave EXIT back her dirty socks, then it was
noticed that ROWDY had changed out of his rainbow jobs 
after the run, so time to drink from same.
DIMWIT & PEBBLES were next for matching shoes.
Lyn had holes at the shoulder blades of her T shirt, & 
PEBBLES thought she had it on back to front, & then a 
charge for HER VAG - "but she's not here", says SOS,
you'll do !!
'Barry' is still lurking after 3 weeks - DUMBER charged 
MRS D & MOUNTIE for their excursion down Barry Lane
in Melbourne.
DONUTS charged SHAFTED for commenting that his
'little horse girl' wasn't satisfying his needs, & then
MOUNTIE charged HYMIE for his leg tattoo, that she only
looks at his face - slurp, slurp !!
                     (Ugly ...... you're so f*ckin' ugly .... ).
SILIC trotted out his sight gag - photo on his phone,
with him saying that the big dick is a family trait, then
REAR ENTRY got DIMWIT to lower the bar even further
on the Dad Jokes - Mexican said to his chooks "O'lay".
That got him 2 ....... (You're stupid's).
HEAD HUNTER's blog photo shows SS with the old book,
& hand over of the new to THE BILL. At the hand over,
PUSBUCKET went on to say how the old book had been so
faithful & now is gonna' be most unappreciated, that the 
new one has  nothing & is so thin, but at least SILIC
REAR ENTRY are now twice their size.
                      (They're the meanest ........... ).
The eats followed - we had snags & hamburgers from 'chef'
NORMAL at the H3 Trailer, bread & rolls, salads & cheese.

Next week's run - 1864 - PUSBUCKET's Cricket at South
Gardens by the POW's.

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