Tuesday, June 13, 2017

12 - 6 -'17     Run 1828      12 Devon St.,

MOUNTIE's Republican Run from home - venue especially
chosen to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's birthday.
We made the quorom of 14, added to by 1, by the 'late'
6 super athletes headed off from the North West, toward 
the 'fabulous East', but remained in the North, not going
any closer than Doveton St. A small detour (at the direction
of HEAD HUNTER), was to check on the supposedly sick
QUICK DICK at home, but it seemed that he was only
watching the replay. The run was obviously set by an 
athlete, with a glaring lack of Halts - they always help the 
palpitations of us Older Farts. Back at Devon Street for the 
Drink-Stop, we entered via the 'rear entry' - where was he
tonight, at the Office again ??).
At the circle, FOP announced the Republican Run, set by 
Ballarat's Biggest (little) Republican MOUNTIE, to celebrate
the Queen's Birthday on April 21st.
Sniffyc*nt Runs - FASCINATOR 50, & HER VAGESTY 69,
woo hoo!! & that got HEAD HUNTER's song, 
"The boys went down down ......."
Screw, FASCINATOR, was there for the 2nd week in 
succession, & was talking about a 'contro - versy' or should
that be 'controv - ersy?' He's given away the idea of the 
'screw epistle' on the mobile phone - he said "only did
that once", & although he didn't run, he'd heard that it was 
very good, & gave it a 7.1 score, then came the "S.h.i.t.t.y
T.r.a.i.l" song - is your songbook on the Internet 
Stand in, Stand in, Stand in, Stand in Sergeant NORMAL's
1st charge was for "Captain Pneumonia" himself, 
SPARTACUS - 1st time he's been seen in long pants, let
alone at Hash. NORMAL then wanted to know just how good
MOUNTIE really was, having all the trophies about the place, 
but of course, it's only the tip of the iceberg. He went on to 
charge HEAD HUNTER for getting 'permanent residency' -
"How the f*ck did we let that happen?" 
FANG had a drink for not wearing Hash Gear & got the
'Not Not Not, Bad Bad Bad, Down Down song.
HER VAG and D&C wore their tightest leather tights, & 
at least VAG was able to drink, but of course, NORMAL had
to drink for D&C
MOUNTIE charged HEAD HUNTER for having to go & knock
up QUICK DICK on the run, then THE BILL reminded 
MOUNTIE of the 666 run from years back, running through 
the Cemetery, & the body, the coffin etc.
MOUNTIE had HEAD HUNTER drink up, for starting to sound
like PLUCKA (?), then MOUNTIE darted off to the kitchen,
to rescue 'the veg food' from the oven.
FANG was charged for the time years ago, when he was cut 
short, had nowhere to go, & had to take a dump on the front 
lawn of the venue, then MOUNTIE charged PUSBUCKET for
peeing over the verandah, but of the wrong house.
DUMBER's bar heaters went out again, & we thought, 
"where's f**kin' Tommy f**kin' HALF A BAR to get the f**kin'
things goin' again" like last week, but it was only THE BILL
standing on the plug. Anyway, at the time, according to the
texts & photos, HALF A BAR was busy being thrown out of 
the Corporate Box at the MCG, with DR DEATH & DUMBER.
BHD had a 2nd freebie for The Courier photo about the 
Avenue tree planting, & bloody HEAD HUNTER made the
song up for that one !!
NORMAL charged himself & proceeded to go through his
Marathon history ( blah, blah, are we there yet??), & told us,
that after 1 of the runs (tell us again NORMAL - how many?),
he'd tipped a couple of stubbies in quickly, only to start 
throwing up in the garden, outside of a restaurant window.
Trouble was, people were "fain daining" just inside the
'gold fish bowl'.
Last charge was for HEAD HUNTER by FANG. "Did you see
how long she took to push the stubby holder onto that can?"
"How long would she take with a condom?"

Next week's run - FASCINATOR ( or CRUTCHLESS).
To be informed.

Thumbs up to MOUNTIE for the great Chilli Con Carne,
the Meatballs & the Carrot Cake, & let's not forget the
'pot stirrer & heater up' there-of, PUSBUCKET.
Inside, sitting at the table, there's evidence on the wall of the 
'Worship of the East'. A large wall hanging emblazened with
the words, Warrenheip, Dunnstown, Bungaree & Parwan, but
where is Llandeilo, Bradshaw & Cocksbill Siding? O.S maybe?

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