Tuesday, June 27, 2017

26 - 6 -'17     Run 1830      Mystery Bus

Tic Tic & the clock well & truly rolls past the 6pm Sharp ETD,
while the 40 or so on the bus have an extra drink waiting for 
the arrival of the 'late' FANG. We eventually headed off West,
obviously with no thought for the "fabulous East", except for
PUSBUCKET saying we could be headed for East Adelaide.
I looked round to see DR DEATH's legs hanging out of his 
dress - "put your legs down Goyny, it's getting draughty", 
just as he took to the floor with his '6 Moose' gag.
Along the way we found out that "who makes MOUNTIE cum?"-
PUSBUCKET of course, but "who makes PUSBUCKET cum?" -
goes without saying - SPARTACUS.
We had a little stop (to put us off the scent), outside of the 
darkened Lexton Pub, then continued on to the Golf Club for
the cheese, dips & bickies.
HEAD HUNTER called reverance for the Circle, with some 
comment about 'kiss my arse' - & they all wanted to line up.
BENT NOSE had a charge for PEBBLES, that "he's been to
Lexton" (or something ?), then for Big Events' MOUNTIE
Jane from Lexton, for organising a great night .... " in your
hand Mrs Murphy ..... "
CLEAV(er)AGE, & DONUTS, to the tune of "here's to
the returners". 
New runners had a drink - Michelle, PYRO, PRAWN STAR,
DOUBLE ADAPTOR, Cecilia ( CRUTCHLESS made her cum),
& Rochelle ( HER VAGESTY made her cum) ..... "We've got
virgins on the run".
Sergeant SPENCER HOCKING had a charge for LOIS LANE
about some sign (?) - she drank to the "You're stupid, you're
stupid" song, then Big Events' MOUNTIE for the 2nd year
milestone of HEAVY's demise .... "You've got a big thing",
& last week, LADY TRAMP could have had a PEBBLES
big thing. SPENCE went on to charge DIMWIT for no reason
at all, but could be to drink out of his new wig, new dress or
whatever. NUM NUM & DUMB DUMB had a going away drink
to celebrate the trip to FNQ, bringing back the Hash 
memorabilia, but when NUMMY couldn't drink out of the hat,
DUMBY upended it over his girly wig.
MOUNTIE made PRAWN STAR cum tonight, who made PYRO
cum as well, then NORMAL (had to!!) step up to take a drink
on behalf of the 2 waitresses. 
HER VAG took over the Pobjoy microphone, to compere the
the "Fashion Parade" that was much like your Football Club
dress up. The "girls" all paraded/shimmied  toward the 
3 Lexton Judges, then a shortlist of 5 to decide the winner.
That's when DR DEATH tried to gain a lead, by displaying
both nipples (amongst a grey hairy chest), while SHAFTED
spun round on the floor like a "blowfly on it's last". DIMWIT
took out the title, and he & PEBBLES (for some reason?)
drank together. 
The main event saw the "boys" parading, & after the 
shortlist, PYRO came out the Clubhouse Leader, & she 
was up for a drink with the 3 Lexton Judges. Her & DIMWIT
then had the "Winner's Drink" ..... because all winners 
drink together, just to "consummate" the event.
It seems that JITTERBUG's fit-bit registered a fair amount
of 'extra activity' there for about 15 minutes, at one point.
We ate, drank, be'ed merry & danced all night to the 
excellent entertainment of Andy Pobjoy, & all the credit
to MOUNTIE & the team for a great night.
A fairly quiet trip home by usual standards, where (I think)
FOP actually kept his pants on!!

Next week's run, REAR ENTRY (reckon he'd be up to about
900 by now !!), from 'The Office', Miner's Tavern.

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