Tuesday, July 4, 2017

3 - 7 -'17       Run 1831        Miner's Tavern

The newly 70 REAR ENTRY provided run & venue for what must
have been his 925th run - well it was his 890th last week!!
FOP welcomed the crew from Lakeside - CLING ON, ADD ON,
SPREAD ON, & James (with the specs).
REARY told us that the run was fantastic at 11am, but probably
washed out by now, & On On is out the front, remarkably.
Bar-fly count was up, with 11 deciding to keep warm, quenching
thirsts, & within quick access of the well stocked (this time)
Drink Stop. DR DEATH was looking more like 'Billy Butterfly'
(apologies if you're not local) in his boots & full length overcoat.
Said Drink Stop was in the usual spot, down stairs, after a run
that I believe went clockwise this time, with a George Pell theme,
that REARY is so passionate about, to the point of donating
quite a sum toward the "appeal".
THE BILL, & REAR ENTRY (fresh from the 'gout getting' Apollo
Bay 70th Birthday piss-up week).
MOUNTIE was next for her (& other's) input into last week's
Mystery Bus night, then SHAFTED for being pissed by the time
we were collected by Bus No2.
Stand-in Screw PEBBLES (was FASCINATOR at the bloody soup
bus again?) called out PRECIOUS for being delegated hare, 
then found no trail left after the deluge. It was a good run, & he
invited everyone to donate to Georgie's cause. No running out
of grog this time & a "stand-in" score of 60/100 .... enter 
HEAD HUNTER & the S.h.i.t.t.y trail song.
Sergeant SPENCE's 1st charge was for REAR ENTRY for not
knowing that CRUTCHLESS was the Grog Master.
Sniffyc*nt runs to CRUTCHLESS 17 & PUSBUCKET 1017.
James (with glasses) for being "closest to the pin" in the 
"Where's Wally Comp", then for being a starter in the 
"workboots at Hash" challenge...... "New boots, new boots",
then came "Your stupid, your stupid .... etc".
It was James' big night - next he was on his knees for the
christening & MOUNTIE's "enjoy the sex & running....",
....... arise WHERE'S WALLY.
FOP charged MOUNTIE for bringing all the girls along to the
bus trip & thinking "the clothes would be off", but 
miraculously FOP was "contained" in his sexy black jockstrap.
GLIDER gave MOUNTIE a drink for the Canadian Mounted 
Police, (The Mounties), & Canada's 150 years since 
confederation July 1st 1887, then there was HEAD HUNTER &
QUICKDICK for something (?) about the new hijab at Hash.
CLING ON & WHERE'S WALLY had to explain why they'd 
brought kids to the largest pedo town, Ballarat.
DR ROWDY presented DR DEATH with the "penis stethoscope"
that had been used (many times !!), then both had a drink,
because all DR's drink together.
HER VAG had a charge for FOP & PRECIOUS for going/not going 
on the run ........ & when 1 Kelly drinks, all Kelly's drink.
REAR ENTRY had a 70th Birthday drink, then of course, 
all 70's drink together ...... step up SS, THE BILL & MASTABAIT.
PEBBLES charged ROWDY for his comment at the intersection,
"we'll probably turn left or right", then old bloke FANG had a 
drink for sitting down during the circle ..... "Him... f**k him ..."
As trail was washed away, MOUNTIE took on the live hare 
status saying, "Dack me if you can catch me", then 
BAD HEAD JOB charged for the bad look photo with 
JITTERBUG on Faceache, when "others" didn't see that it was
only an "errant braces adjustment" - even tho' JITTERBUG's
fit-bit said " keep it going !!"
Last charge for CLING ON & his advert for Lakeside's AGPU.
REAR ENTRY reminded us that the advantage of having an 
"Office" run, was that Old Mate Simon donated the Down Downs.

Next week's run - MASTURBAITING NORMAL at 
The Grapes Pub, Grant St.

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