Tuesday, March 7, 2017

7 - 3 -'17                     Run 1812                  5 Ways

GILF's the Hare. NUMMY's regained her voice & ready to 'raise the bar' again.
Welcome to visitor DIGIT DIGESTER, with bandaged arm, then thanks to all
the Nash Hash Committee, as we sight the 'late' Hare disappearing along 
Codes Forrest Rd., to deposit the Drink-stop.
The athletes headed off along the roads & goat tracks of the fabulous
north "east", & collected with the walkers after a fairly easy run.
Back at the circle, the first official business was to collect the poppers & 
line up, Guard of Honour style, to officially pipe in ROWDY's 1100th Run
(didn't he get a charge for that already at STUBBY's Bar ??), LOIS LANE's
800th, & SOS' 300th.
Next came DIGIT's explanation of her Hash Name - attacked in London in  '94
by a mugger, who she bit the finger of, or was it right off ?
Welcomes back to HEAD HUNTER & QUICK DICK after swanning round
on holiday in New 'Zilland', then REAR ENTRY & SILIC (who missed them
New chant - "How would you like my finger in your rear - no, no not likely"
to the tune of Hava Nagila - what key were you in BENT? While we're at it,
can we piss off that shocker "ought to be publicly pissed on" that most hate.
SS stepped up to screw GILF, & thought the run & walk were 'succinct',
(& that turned a few heads!!) & wonderful that we all arrived at the 
well stocked Drink-stop, then a very short On Home. TEFLON had a drink
to support the Hare.
Sergeant ROWDY's first charge was for Nash Hash "Volunteer turned Hero"
of last weekend REAR ENTRY, for saving a very grumpy woman on the very 
steep slope, quickly followed by DUMBER & DUMBER drinking up for
his getting the 'yank tank' stuck on the 5 Ways steep slope a few years ago.
were the next drinkers, then the Nash Hash Run Setters from Ballarat Hash.
Then came the inevitable sniffyc**ts of 1812, to which this "author(?)" was
 "severely chortled", but rose out of the ashes with, Tchaikovsky's 
Overture in Eb Major, Opus 49 also Charles Dickens born on Feb 7th. 
What else was there ROWDY? - quite a few I think, but missed in the notes.
GILF & NORMAL were next & made to sit on the ice. Tight-arsed prick
SILIC had been busy knocking the Nash Hash weekend, but quick to
line up for some cheap left-over cans of Nash Hash Splash, then SOS was
charged 'responsible' for Cops turning up each time we run from 5 Ways.
NUM NUM charged ROWDY for his wanting the incoming GM to be aware
that he didn't want a job this year, then PRECIOUS had his water charge for
being old enough for a root at the High School weekend, but still not old
enough to drink an alcohol charge. ROWDY charged Sniffyc*nt 
(aka HEAD HUNTER) & MRS D for the 'strings' hanging, after the
poppers parade. BENT NOSE charged TEFLON for his wrong directions,
then HEAD HUNTER drank up for having DUMBER weld up the bed, but
wouldn't say how it got broken. Uri & ROWDY - bit of banter about
charging for medical practise (dunno!!).

Next week - Committee run - Park Hotel.

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