Tuesday, February 28, 2017

27 - 2 -'17           Run 1811           Mt Xavier Golf Club

MOUNTIE's  Post-Lube Nash Hash Run, or 
                                                        "Last piss-up for the remaining Piss-heads".
After a couple of pre-lubes, a very hoarse GM NUMMY, began proceedings
with a charge for JITTERBUG, who's had 5 runs & now knows everything - 
could be a budding BENT NOSE on the way !!
A drink for the 7 GM's present, then for the piss-pots from each Club.
Hare MOUNTIE announced that the run was short 'cos she's knackered.
Lots of runners took off into the East, while 5 bar-flys were left to 
organize the drink-stop. 20 walkers followed the 'pied piper' NORMAL on his
zig-zag stroll round the Golf Course, obviously looking for his lost golf balls -
think he picked up 3.
We all gathered at the well stocked drink-stop, of VB's, Carrrrlton, & the 
Athletic Club's Gold Rush Nash Hash Splash Cans.
At the On After, SS screwed MOUNTIE  for the walk, but "not sure about 
the run", & RA PUSBUCKET took one for the good weather. NORMAL had 
a drink for picking up golf balls & not offering them to MASTABAIT
"f**k MASTABAIT" he said - (but isn't that what he does each Friday Night?).
As Sergeant ROWDY took to the podium, the 1st of many "Hammersly takes
it up the arse" chants was heard. First charge was for NORMAL, seen 
(alledgedly) during the weekend in Ballarat, swapping red T shirts, then one
for BONER,  being extremely excited, seeing MOUNTIE's pert set of 60 (?)
yr old breasts. Then came the first of many chants from GRIZZLY ......
"Would you like to sit on my face .... or would you like to go .. down down" etc.
"Ya stupid, ya stupid .... if it wasn't for your Mother you'd be .. down down" etc.
DAZED & CONFUSED lost the ear ring, but where was it?
SPENCER HOCKING had a drink as 'Stroke' of the Down Down Crew, & 
SOS as the gun 'Skuller'. HALF A BAR was at the Mt Buninyong run, 
from top to bottom, & still got lost!!
Another Hammersly "Takes it up the arse ....."
BENT NOSE has never been wrong in his life, but he WAS wrong (what???)
about the tyres on NORMAL's car.
GRIZZLY again ... "Why was he born so beautiful, he's no f**kin' use
to anyone, he's no f**kin' use at all".
A rotation of "chefs" personed the BBQ, to fill the patrons with snags on 
bread, & hamburger rolls with meat, egg, bacon & onion - yum!! 
Well done 'Youse'.

That's it - you've had a fair go 'youse pricks',

Next week's run - GILF from 5 Ways, On After ? who knows?? Where
are you TEFLON ?

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