Monday, March 27, 2017

23 - 3 -'17             Run 1815         Slatey Creek

ROWDY's run for 'passed' Hash-man MIDNIGHT, signalling the end of
daylight saving. About 15 runners & 1/2 doz. walkers took to the tracks
around Slatey, whilst 7 of us were left to tend to the "homefires". They
returned to On Home & drink-stop and a roaring camp-fire.
Welcomes back to INSATIABLE, FLUID MOVEMENT & Steve, then a 
salute to MIDNIGHT.
Screw SS praised ROWDY for "raising the bar tonight"... "look at the
environment of this spot". The drink-stop was well stocked, & the R.A.
has done a magnificent job with the weather.
Sergeant ROWDY's 1st charge was for SHAFTED & the warnings for 
oncoming cyclone 'Debbie', then in the same vein, one for REAR ENTRY
suffering the 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' routine.
1815 saw the 1st 'Swiss Cheese' Factory in Switzerland, Napoleon 
defeated at Waterloo ...... & please be inclusive!! ..... the year of 1230
on the Islamic calender.
FASCINATOR had a drink for 'being a dick', & BAD HEAD JOB for 
coming (was that cumming?) in his hijab. HALF A BAR for, after all 
these years at Hash, not knowing where the run was, & CRUTCHLESS
got lost in the gutter. Juri said "he had to go work", & that prompted 
NORMAL to charge him for 'School Teachers actually going to WORK'.
Juri had another one for 'old runners', then was presented with
his bag of 'old runners'. MOUNTIE stayed upright for the whole run, 
& JITTERBUG, one for her designer Italian boots.
GILF charged SS for the 'threesome in the riverbed', but SS thought
that a threesome was a bit too long ago to remember.
Charges also for HEAD HUNTER thinking that NORMAL was 
'such a Gentleman', but he only took his hat off because of the 
bottle opener in the brim. DUMB & DUMBER demanded a 'hearing'
as Throstle was severely hampered in his run.

Next week - Awards Night at the Old Colonist's Club.

PS. On the return journey, the 'author' wanted to turn left & take the 
road back toward Creswick, however the main (back seat) navigator
insisted on a right turn, that "this will take us back to 5 Ways" - 
sure, via South Bendigo !! After another 'traveller' & a few more K's 
of gravel road (no wonder THE BILL didn't go tonight), we sailed past
Adekite Camp, to eventually come out of the bush a couple of K's
north of the old Dean Pub !!  Mmmmmm ........

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