Monday, March 20, 2017

20 - 3 -'17                    Run 1814                 Lal Lal

SHAFTED's run at 219 Coal Mine Rd .... waiting .... waiting, then the Postie
arrives - no, it's the Hare at 7PM on the Postie's Bike. SHAFFY went on 
about the 'short run', but didn't mention that we'd need a torch !!
Everyone onto the 'Winnebago', with SILIC at the helm (needed some
persuasion from Co-pilot SHAFFY to stay on the centre of the road) & 
onwards towards Bungal. REAR ENTRY needed some persuasion also,
to "get off the fuckin' bus Greenie!!" with the walkers.
13 eager athletes took to the trail like 'seagulls onto a hot chip'. Trail was
obviously set 'at speed' on the Postie bike, with easily a bag of Limil
to each mark. SHAFTED thought PLUCKA looked pretty good in her 
red outfit, & probably even better out of it. He gave us a little bit of
Geology 101 as we passed the tailing heap. The run was largely bereft
of halts (unless they took off as this "author" arrived), but one was at 
the grave of 6 yr old Mary Patterson, who died of pneumonia.
Back at the circle, NUMMY had welcomes back for HER VAGESTY,
Foster, who looked after the tail-enders.
SS thought that screwing SHAFTED would be an 'interesting excercise' -
but what a run we had. Just happened to be 2-1/2 X 5 or 6, & we arrived
back in the dark of night.The walk was well set, but obviously set at speed,
as per the large markings & SHAFFY was covered in Limil. The terrain was 
terrific, & at one point MASTABAIT wanted to go yabbying. NORMAL
pointed out the kangaroo in the paddock, but it was only on the 
Aussie flag.
Sergeant ROWDY took to the floor & charged MOUNTIE for her
St Patrick's Day 'pisshead' voice, then HEAD HUNTER & Mum Sheilagh
as being the face of Ireland for Paddy's Day. 
Extremely sad to hear of SORRY's health woes - we're thinking of her.
TEFLON was next - got a charge for being stupid.
ROWDY's sniffyc*nts of 1814 was the London Beer Flood, where a 
large vat of Porter burst, demolished buildings & killed 9 people, but
I'm surprised he didn't mention the very 1st Cricket Match at Lord's on 
22nd June, annnnd, where were you 2, PUSBUCKET & FOP??
GLIDER relayed a charge from EXIT for SHAFTED, having the run in
La La Land, & SHAFFY took an extra one for LITTLE EVIL being
in La La Land for the last 20 years. HALF A BAR (the staunch CFA
Volunteer) who made the Campers move the BBQ into the centre of
the creek on a Total Fire Ban day a couple of years ago, promptly
burnt the sheep at last weekend's fundraiser bash.
NUMMY celebrated having another Gary (Foster), as well as the 
dog Gary. PLUCKA drank up for laying on the bus bed, with all the
blokes around, & QUICK DICK charged for asking Coach Captain
NORMAL to take a photo of Mother-in-Law Sheilagh on her way
to the Airport "to make sure she's gone!!"
DUMBER had a drink for mistaking the 'porcelain penguin' for a 
cat on the Wendouree Parade walk. NUMMY was laying in bed with
DUMB & DUMBER (the morning person), when there was a text from
MOUNTIE - "send DUMB - the batteries on my dildo are flat".

That'll do - you've had a fair go!!

Next week's run - ROWDY's "MIDNIGHT" Run at Slatey Creek.
                                               Don't forget that the bridge is out. 

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