Monday, December 5, 2016

5 - 12 -'16   Run 1799   441 Doveton St. Nth.

SOS's Run. GM NUM welcomed the ancestors Sue & Simon.
Welcomes back to JITTERBUG - back to Hash after a sabbatical,
the visiting ZIG & SILIC from the touring love-fest honeymoon.
16 super athletes headed off past the rose garden (hey SOS
what's the ladder in the front bedroom for - been swingin' from
the chandelier??) & were caught up to, at the 1st halt by his
lateness SHAFFY. Crowny's flowed at the school Drink-stop,
then back for the On After.
NUMMY kicked off the charges with Sue & Simon (Mum & Dad),
Rhiannon (Partner), JITTERBUG, ZIG, SILIC & SOS.
Screw SS first brought the attention to the shape of SOS' mo,
being nicely tweaked at the edges. The walk was good, & the 
"bar was raised" with over 30 attending, but on the run, why
were so many halts & checks in the middle of a block? 
NORMAL took charge of the bbq utensils, & we all thought,
that with the rising flame we'd need the CFA, but the 
carcinogenic snags & steak arrived first. 
Sergeant ROWDY charged REAR ENTRY for being the would-be
Grogmaster, then a reverence charge in memory of 
GOGO (GOGGO !!) - but he did go & get baled up. SPENCER 
HOCKING for being a Senior Ambassador for the White Ribbon
Foundation, then PEBBLES for his obscene / revealing garb
at the White Ribbon breakfast. MASTABAIT for 'closest to
the pin' with a wrong answer to "1799 - Bass & Flinders
circum-navigated Van Dieman's Land.
NUM NUM received a lovely Christmas Card from Gold Bus, 
& JITTERBUG's green 'map of Tassie' should have been a bit 
lower, to be closer to the real thing. SHAFTED had a drink for 
another winning horse, but according to DR DEATH, the horse 
started at $11.50, & SHAFFY had only backed it at $8.00. 
CHRIS CROS had the appropriate attire, seeing as ZIG was here - 
the old orange ZIG T shirt from years ago. PUSBUCKET had a 
SILIC shirt on, even though it had never seen a drop of sweat. 
PLUCKA had the perves goggle-eyed while we stopped at the 
railway gates. SOS took one for pooch 'Chicken', seeing as she'd 
been round all the bags sniffing at the contents.
Religious Adviser PUSBUCKET ascended the pulpit to recite 
the chant & initiate Rhiannon - arise "TIDY TWAT". She did take
a while to drink from the 'Initiate Cup' - a bit strange thought
SOS, seeing as how she is usually quick to swallow!!
Grog Master SPARTACUS found the pool an ideal spot to wash
the down-down cups, but the residual chlorine did turn
DUMBER's red wine 'white'.
Next Week's Run - Teflon's from somewhere in Invermay,
(map to be supplied). 

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