Tuesday, December 27, 2016

26 - 12 -'16       Run 1820       Committee Run

The walk you have when no-one's there to run. The Bar "dropped to 
the ground" with a resounding "twang" with no GM NUMMY, but 
only 1 of the Committee - Hash Cash DUMBER as the proxy 
(or was that poxy ??) to run the show. We could only manage a 
four'm, not a quorum, & were over-run 10:1 by the visiting Jazz
Conventioners (eers) at REAR ENTRY's office - the Miner's Tavern. 
PLUCKA had it right with her quip " at least the best looking ones
made it !!"
The 4 lonely Hashers looking for a life - DUMB & DUMBER, FLUID
MOVEMENT, PLUCKA & BAD HEAD JOB headed off on the 3/4 hour
walk, where the first stop was an on back/security check & to put
out the bins at the sheltered workshop.
With no drink-stop on the walk, we were soon back at the 'on after'
with no charges or down downs, but we did have one on the 
Committee (thanks DUMB), & at least we were able to talk about
everyone & anyone who wasn't there. 
Special mention to BOOTROOTA after his surgery, & for a speedy 
We went our separate ways around 9pm, while BHD shon up the 
Convention Badge to head off for a week of serious jazz listening.

Happy New Year to all.

Next week's run - LOIS LANE's.

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