Wednesday, November 30, 2016

29 - 11 -'16      Run 1798     14 Platypus Dve.

CRIS CROS is the Hare. MOUNTIE blew the reverance horn & 
GM NUM began with welcomes back to CLEAV-er-AGE & FANG
& welcome to SON OF TEFLON, & HANNA.
Runners vacated via the 'rear entry', walkers out the front & 
1/2 doz. bar flys (incl. Self) stayed on to cart the drink stop,
which was in place shortly before the walkers, & soon after
came runners. CLEAVAGE was waiting for coffee !! ROWDY was
quick to leave the group conversation, when 3 old farts were 
looking for some free consultations. 
On After & first drinks were for CLEAVAGE, FANG, SON OF TEF
& HANNA. With the lack of reverance, NUMMY had a large
meltdown & the limbo bar was well & truly 'raised' (or kicked
off the supports) & came crashing to the ground !!
Charges 'may include but not limited to' ..........
SS charged CRIS CROS for run & walk, & for most arriving 
together at the well catered for Drink Stop. 2 DICKS joined in 
the charge, then it was decided that all "Dicks" drink together - 
enter QUICK DICK & HALF A BAR.     
R.A. PUSBUCKET had a drink for bringing on the good weather 
& for his choice of mis-matched socks, ala DR DEATH.
On Saturday's 'Celebration Mystery Bus', MOUNTIE was slapped
then had a cry, DONUTS & SPENCER HOCKING didn't know 
where they were for tea, & REAR ENTRY deserted the ship at 
10:30 pm, blowing .269 into the bag. REARY had another drink
for his philosphy "a man can only drink so much beer ....!!"
FANG could only manage a walk tonight, as the old fart had
done 5 km earlier this morning. LOIS LANE charged ROWDY
for his 'nasty gash' on the forehead, & MOUNTIE found keys
in her 'nasty gash'.
GLIDER - get well soon after a stint of chemo. 
Next week's run - SOS, 441 Doveton St. Nth.

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