Monday, December 19, 2016

19 - 12 -'16         Run 1801      Christmas Run

On On from The Sheltered Workshop, with 30 or so starters.
GM NUM welcomed back HYMEN ( & MOUNTIE's wet already).
Welcome to BOOBS & BUNDIE - visitors from Noosa.
A drink for all to start off, & the 1st carol - Little Drummer Boy
for DUMBER & DUMB. HEAD HUNTER had a huge smile - never 
heard such endearing lyrics in a Christmas Carol.
First stop - upstairs at the newly named Sporting Globe Hotel,
where HYMIE copped an abalone clam on his face from MOUNTIE,
and BOOBS & BUNDIE had a drink for planning to stay in the
Aldi Carpark. NORMAL was stand in to take a Carol & drink, 
for the absent PEBBLES' schlong (.... but doesn't everyone say
"NORMAL's a C**t ??).
Next stop the Miner's Tavern & we run into the short cutting B's,
REAR ENTRY's Carol says "he doesn't care which hole he's in".
QUICK DICK had a drink for shagging HEAD HUNTER (in the words
of the Carol) "in the Icelandic way, giving QUICK DICK great delight",
but all dicks drink together - enter HALF A BAR.
Onwards to STUBBY's Athletic Club Bar and PLUCKA's Carol,
"cause PLUCKA DUCK comes tonight" - (we wonder), then
MRS DICKHEAD "made a little squeak, till her moan rose to a peak".
We also raised a glass to the Publican & past GM STUBBY.
At the Robin Hood, SS had a drink & Carol as HYMIE's 
replacement ?? ( dunno - can't remember !!).
On to Irish Murphy's where we sang HALF A BAR's "seed being 
wildly spent", & SHAFTED's (wait for it & sing it thru'),
DA Da DA DUT DUT Da DA Da DA DAAR, & the Sweet Chariot 
Anthem, for our dear departed HEAVY.   On On.
BENT NOSE found a dummy for our very own "spitter" NORMAL,
& NORMAL wasn't even in a red T shirt !!
To the On After, Top Eureka and we sang again for MRS D, for 
"clenching thighs on fingers curled up tight", & for the Balding
BAD HEAD JOB, "his red locks growing sparse, was born on
Guy Hawkes Day".
And so, "it's goodnight from him", & Merry Christmas (Nooo -
NOT f**kin' Holiday !!) & Happy 2017 to all.
On On.

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