Monday, January 2, 2017

2 - 1 - '17          Run 1804          Sorrento Drive

About 21 attendees for LOIS LANE's run from home. The Choirmaster
sounded the horn for the last note of the Jazz Convention & to start the
New Year of "Raising the Bar", as GM NUM welcomed BAG OF DICKS.
12 super athletes began the run, to be caught up to by the late SHAFFY,
(Tom Jones - Not Unusual !!) who drove the 1st KM. 
2 windswept drink-stops later & we were back at the On After - 
F off NORMAL - PAULINE's in charge of the BBQ.
NUMMY welcomed BAG OF DICKS with a down down, & as all dicks
drink together - enter QUICK DICK, MRS DICKHEAD & HALF A BAR.
DUMB & DUMBER was a real dick, for advertising his $540 horse win
that wasn't. 
Screw SS said that LOIS would've been "throbbing" all week waiting
for his screw - the walk was good, nice & flat, the 1st drink-stop was 
punch, the 2nd well stocked with nice cold beer.
Sergeant ROWDY's sniffycunts of 1804 was Australia being named by
Joseph Banks & Matthew Flinders, & the 1st Brewery at Parramatta.
SHAFTED was down downed for sniffycunts of 595 - not hash runs,
but recent placings of his horse(s), 5th, 9th & 5th.
DUMBER made it to 1050 runs, TEFLON ran last week in Wagga with
8 other hashers, & HALF A BAR could only make it to the On After.
THE BILL drank from his new runners, BAG OF DICKS celebrated
SOS & TIDY TWAT's engagement, DUMBER's was a rebound, as
NUMMY had done a mini audit of the book, to find LOIS had had the 
worst attendance on record, with only 2 to front up, & BAD HEAD JOB
was at the "Jizz" Convention all week.
Re the Burrumbeet Cup, TEFLON tripped up on a single rock, & 
PLUCKA had drinks for her arse presentation & BUBBA's horse win.
rode their bikes toward the drink-stop.
HALF A BAR charged LOIS & PAULINE for living in a different
house every time they have a run, & SPARTACUS was almost morose
for missing his love, PUSBUCKET.
ROWDY charged the "pious prince of pomposity" BENT NOSE,
as being a "prescriptivist" - layman's terms (a Pedantic F**king C**t).

Next Week's Run - REAR ENTRY from his office, Miner's Tavern.

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