Tuesday, February 2, 2016

1/2/16 Shafted at Coalmine Rd Lal Lal

Visiting Hashers, a christening and red wine! Quite a run. It even lured The Bill off the tarmac.
Due to some lack of a key to the shed, Half a Bar's breaking and entering skills paid off.
Trail had been set with the assistance of Matt(not Ben) and took us to previously unknown regions of Lal Lal.
Matt wore the Merkin top of the Lady Hashers for a bet and won himself the obvious Hash name. Rowdy conducted Merkin's induction.
 Good to have the real Hash Cash, Sergeant and Screw.
Pebbles, our serial marathoner has been upstaged by some runners competing in all continenents in a week. Merkin in a new shirt was pictured beside our formal visitor Tight Arse.
Plucka has put out a request for 7oz glasses as there has been some collateral damage.
Lester, Scrubber and Tight arse were ther to invite a visit to their AGM in Spotswood in Tuesday March 1st.
The GM will organise a car or bus depending on numbers. $10 deposit next week if you wish to go.
Next week at 53 Sorrento Dve Alfredton -Lois and Paulines

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