Tuesday, February 16, 2016

15/2/16 Bait's Little Hard Hills run

The Screw thought that Bait had done his best to make it hard for us.
 We dodged trail bikes, The Bill went down, Plucka was gashed but the march flies generally stayed away.
Sharon,the publican, finished one story about tawny survival with "Because they always look for the black box first"."
Mr D refrenced Einstein and gravitational waves via Silic and Shafted.
Bait and Half a Bar stood in for Garry and Billy- another current cultural reference.
D& C took one for those showing insufficient reverence.
Normal cooked the meat and Shafted tried to recruit Fred to hash.

Form a duo for next week's test at Black Hill oval.

Bus to the Spottiswoode Pub on 1/3 leaving from Reptile Gulch Motors at 5:45.

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