Thursday, January 28, 2016

25/1/16 Australia Day Run Leagues Club The Bill

This run saw the return of the GM to the scene of the dismissal. Last time we darkened those doors- well it was suggested that we take Hash elsewhere. SoS and Half a Bar - and his mate Ben- were there so what could go wrong?
The Bill's run took us around Black Hill and the wiser Hashers ignored the more unlikely on-backs.
The charges were conducted in the same Sports Bar where SOS and Half a Bar exceeded the allowable number of expletives last time.
Mrs D stood in as Sergeant and the Choirmaster made sure we kept a lid on things.
Bait was congratulated on attaining 69.
 Remote told the Shih tzu joke.
Mrs D, Prescious, Lois, Gilf and Teflon got the Australia Day drinks.
We seemed to get away without offending any patrons this time.
Next week at 219 Coalmine Rd

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