Tuesday, November 10, 2015

9/11/15 Fluid Movement's Bush Run

An excellent bush run on the edge of town. notable also perhaps as one of our last GST free events.
Rowdy had taken on the Hash Trailer - probably for the forseeable future as he seems to take on temporary jobs that persist.
BP was encouraged to look for a more secure sanctuary for the Hash Cash as her address is now in an area that is prone to petty crimes like burgalry.
Lois was equipped with aussie regalia to encourage the full appreciation of sports triumphs at the expense of the kiwis. She had correctly pointed out a rabbit -proof fence of excessive height.
Half a Bar said that he hadn't noticed the earthquake at Elaine, whereas Bar Liquor did feel the earth move.
A great BBQ spread and fine weather.
Next Week at Donuts. Start at the State Forest. Sounds as specific as "somewhere in the bush."

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