Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Run 1726 Thai Sala Pavilion Hare Bent Nose

The Hash publicity machine went all out promoting the merits of the upcoming run.
 Unfotunately,only the late arrival of Fo Jo and Jack  barely swelled the number of runners above a handfull. The hardy walkers were led through the squalls by Bait.

We all set off, resolving to stay together. That plan had the predictable ourcome. Pebbles melodic work with the horn did locate the lagging runners- but no Dumb and Dumber. This master communicator had indeed tried to locate us at the drink stop by phone. Unfortunately, this plan relied on someone else also having one, so his arrival was largely accidental.
Down downs (produced magically by by the multi-talented BP) were conducted at the Masta Museum where Gilf found her horse's little sister.

Bubba is still learning the intricasies of run setting after 300 events.
SS, who views 50 year olds as "young blokes", was farewelled for his northern Odyssey.
The Screw seemed underwhelmed by the subtleties of the washed out trail despite her relief at the arrival of the adrift D&D.

The meals were at a discounted price but that did not reduce their  quality or volume.The Choirmaster and the Screw may not need to feed until midweek.

Christmas in July at Lazy Moe's next week.

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