Monday, February 9, 2015

Run 1704, Hairy Bill, from the North Britain Hotel

A perfect night for a summer bush run greeted the pack as they assembled in the bar, and the lounge, and the beer garden of the Nth Britain Hotel. Pity about the bush. Heavy was present early in all his glory, with Karol from Kolac, and new runner Wendy, to entertain simultaneously; - don't know how he does it. He then saved his energy on the non run to play puppet master to the Bill, do the screw, sing the song, and then be sergeant. To top it off he will set next week's run and we can all watch.
Anyway, perfect summer night, 8 hardy runners set off from the fabulous middle of Ballarat, along Goat Lane, then wound its way east through the Black Hill reserve, with a pause at the lookout to appreciate the setting sun glancing its beams off the iconic Wendouree Lake, with Mt Elephant a smudge in the distance. It was all down hill from there.
More hashers joined the runners at the drink stop, and enjoyed a varied repast, although Pus Bucket, Spartacus, Boot Rooter, Road Runner, Sillic Unt and Rear Entry were all too busy to attend. Sillic and Reary were also too busy to actually have a meal, and must have walked the 2 blocks to Reary's home cooking. Finger lickin' good.......
Charges rolled on and on well past the chef's knock off time; he would have left early only he forgot Candida's crumbed cutlets. Pissed?.... pity the first preppy sent to the principal's office in the morning.
The screw song was to the tune of TMG's "Jump in my car" with a theme of illicit ejaculation, back up vocals by Rowdy. The tune of Happy Birthday also worked as well as it did last week.
Welcomes to Windy Wendy, welcome back to J2, dubbed Vascillator for the night, might be a good name but we can't really be sure yet. It may work. Heavy got a charge for run 800, even though he did run 800 with Rowdy and Mountie 4 years ago......Plucka  is at 33, nice curves there. Rear Entry was asked to audit the books, and to explain how the Liberal Party could have a leadership spill without voting for anyone? Road Runner told a joke about an Irishman in a pub, and Bent Nose got a charge for somehow encouraging his house sitters to move out permanently; must have been the clues Heavy placed in his Eidelweiss screw song ("Lois Lane, and Pauline, won't you move out for ever?")
All who were served a meal enjoyed it enormously. James Squire on tap and red wine by the bottle rounded out not a bad night.
Next week Heavy will star again from Smythesdale, run and on after from the dam just off the Sebastopol/Smythesdale Rd. Catering by Heavy. Further instructions by email.

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