Sunday, September 21, 2014

RUN 1680 Venue: Bus Trip form City Oval Hareless: Shafted 15 September 2014

Just organised as a night out bussing a gut, shedding tears, wining and dining, singing and a dancing but the Trailmaster slotted it in as a Black Tie Night, Heavy wrote a special Screw song for a Black Tie Night , many wore a black tie so it was what it was.
Typically, 6PM was not so sharp, and Shafted came forth a little late as he had been to see a horse come fourth having ventured to Donald races for the afternoon. With the bus loaded with Coronas and Champers and some salty nibbles departure was affected.  Westward ho, through the Arch and right on the Ring.  We pulled up again at the infamous Shed where last year’s Mystery Bus Tour mysteriously had no bus.  We gathered in a bunch of more youthful participants, including gorgeous young ladies that collectively slashed the average age of Hash (Old Bait had brushed us off in favour of a paint brush).
Camilla once again opened his heart and his hut to hash where re-enactments of some of the more salubrious scenes of the saucy soiree staged by Salacious SOS in 2013.  (The Hash legal team had advised against revisiting the footage).  Bit parts were played by Bootrooter getting battered by boys, bespectacled search and tools narrated by SILIC, the skits went on!  A sweet new runner, friend of Bec had come as her bodyguard but was going to have a job guarding her own.  Significant runs to BENT NOSE with 1200 and PHUKWIT PHIL on 700.
A brew tub of fruity rum & wodka laced punch was dished out by Fluid Movement as the reward for many down downs.  These were punctuated by the timely front entry of FWOP & Her Vag done up to the nines with slicked up hair.  All the youngsters were lined up out the front to be paraded as the future of our great group with Plucka insisting she had the credentials to be included in the future brigade. (Hymen is to be commended on his bring-a-friend initiatives.)
Back on the Bus with our driver to journey on to Quoin Hill Winery for wine and cheese where our mate Lucky Phil the Chef was preparing our lovely chicken A La Phill and Steve and Trish put love into the beef shiraz pies. ANDY PJ found us again and delighted with dalliances of song and dance.
Heavy provided a classy masterpiece to the tune of Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s Black Tie Night” its gonna be alright. Cause I lust for you girl. Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now. The lines rightly painted all the hash Tarts as Godesses that give our Hash lives grit.   Shafted added “Give me a home among the gum trees” as Give me a winery among the wind farms to celebrate the venue and thank the hosts. Bus Driver Ian’s fave, Lean on Me and lots of other bopping songs went on and picked up when a car load of seniors split.
The juice of the night undoubtedly was the dancing of Mounty and Plucka and…….. unfortunately the piss cut in to the memory of  the reliable source leading to some unreliability and this time there were no security cameras!! We therefore must forgive the consequent sketchy nature of recollections.  Home early and fighting fit the next day. Yeah Right!!!
Next Week’s Run: Brownlow Night at the Park Hotel in Sturt Street by FOP Theme; Footy Attire.

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