Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RUN 1679, Venue: Miners Rest Tavern, Hare: Hyman , 8 September 2014

Like the wheels in a poker machine, possible venues for his run spun through HYMEN’S Head. We were on our way to Creswick’s Farmers Arms but last minute diversion was to the Miners Rest Tavern. At least SHAFTED was happy and LOIS LANE would have been happy with the convenience if it was last week, before she moved back into the big smoke.
Into the night we ran. What a northerly, plus 60km gusts coming straight from Mount Blowhard! The Biafran BENT was buffeted badly but the broader built amongst us were better based.  HYMEN risked perforation, running Sharps into the moist wetlands. Rimming the perimeter, we found ourselves in a previous playground paddock of SOS where he admitted getting up to no good as a youth. Perhaps performing penetrations of the odd membrane himself?  After the rotunda reminiscence we ran to LOIS LANE'S old patch of Miners Rest West, congregating with walker’s at the Drink Stop under an almost full moon. PHUCKWIT PHIL reckoned the Full Moon is his birth sign so he must nearly be another year older.
Back at the Tav, we gathered in the Cheech and Chong box and happily we welcomed new runner BEX.  The concepts of Mount and Blowhard returned. HYMEN accompanied as body guard. (A tidy body that had a tat or two!)  Welcome Backs GILF down from Varga Varga!  Significant runs were lots of sharp ones, 111 for HYMEN; Cumulative 1000 LOISOS (275 +625); Little Shotgun, 410 For MRS DICKHEAD.
Screwing the run culminated in Hymen’s Hymn, a version of Sunday School Song  “Jesus Loves Me”, HEAVILLY conscrewed to Hash Tarts love me this I know, as was for SS so long ago, making Hash Tarts go weak in the knee. Pleading, "Hymie won’t you Cum in Me." Yes, Hash Tarts Love Me.
SILIC stepped up with props to protect his battered buddy REAR ENTRY. He got him to Slip on a shirt, Slop on sunscreen and SLAP on a hat, no less than a full face motorcycle helmet! GILF representing the girls was to wear SILICS patented SLAP preventer boxing gloves (the very same ones SIL’s mum SLAPPED on him to stop the monkey being spanked). Now used to rub-a-nut?  He missed his Punch-line but everyone laughed anyway because NUMMY was holding the door shut to keep the smoke in to share a Little EVIL.
I think everyone had a drink in an extended session of discounted down downs and having delayed his Hash Run for some time, ROWDY reckons the reputation of HYMEN is back intact with some surgical help. (See fannyscating google Images for HYMENoplasty) We adjourned to the pre-ordered, lovingly prepared plates.
Next Week’s Run: Black Tie/Mystery Bus Thingy and Function Theme; Humour and Harmony with Meal, Wine and Song with Dance. 6pm from City Oval, Home Early

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