Sunday, August 10, 2014

RUN 1674 Venue: Golf House Hotel Hare: Fluid Movement 4 August 2014

The Golf theme continued on from last week’s Hare whom was playing a round but this week there was a hole in one hare, Fluid Movement.   The Ballarat brave HHH had a tight cluster, a combination of ages returning to witness the nipple tensing night, meeting in the chill after the snow had melted only a couple of days prior.
The trail wasn’t going to wash away in a hurry having apparently been sponsored by Haymes to use up last year’s excess stock of spray cans. Well marked! In and around the old woollen mills up into Ballarat North, territory of the former Midlands Course site, cross to pay tribute to our beloved Ah So in the cemetery. “That’s not where I marked trail, slaving all day over hot aerosol cans and fighting off vapour highs.”  Said the hare to the head as she refused to be drawn far from her trail.  Walkers and all got to the Drink Stop in the back of the green hatch to be quenched with beverage and sated with beer nuts.
Welcomes Backs were in order for a few Fosters, young Hymen and Silly’s boy, the Wylie Fox.
No runs of significance? Fluid Movement was eagerly anticipating Heavy’s screwing and got a song to the ego boosting tune of “Pretty Woman”.  She liked that, but not so much the lyrics that flowed like the various bodily fluids and thrusting movements that were referenced.
Charging ahead Seargeant Spence invited Elder Statesman Mastabait to explain to the Hare the relevance and reverence of paying respects to Ah So Dobbo when in proximity to his resting place. Unfortunately the demon dog in the pink box that Silic likes so much had his attention and he had no idea what was being asked of him.
It was said that Shallow Hal and Rooter of Boots were so enjoying their Tour de Asean getting on well with a young lady known as Wy Ping Kok.
Billy Goat, passed the Bobby’s Batton back to Shafted after running Hash like a well-oiled machine for 6 weeks. Rowdy likewise hand-balled the Blog responsibilities a little too soon as the ball was dropped until this belated effort, dredging a jet lagged memory bank.
The Menu type was too small and the light too dim for some so early ONON home with a heavy heart but an empty belly while those staying for tucker enjoyed ales and a nice house red.
Next Week’s Run: Beer Phuk (Cerveza las Relaciones Sexuales?) at The BlueBell Hotel in Howitt Street,
Proposing a Spanish Theme and Westoning the Westies

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