Monday, July 28, 2014

Run 1673, Hare: Rowdy, Venue: Midlands Golf Club

Walkers followed the runner's trail, and runners followed the runner's trail, both wound through the footpath-free suburbia of Invermay Park, and with a few short cuts and discrete directions all managed to arrive at the drink stop together apart from the 3 amigos, who stayed by the bar all night without venturing out. Why Spartacus should associate himself with those other two wall flowers only Puss Bucket could answer, but two wrongs don't make a right, and Puss Bucket is not here to answer.
Fascinator screwed the run in a fashion, but didn't know the tune to the song, so Rowdy had to sing tunefully about himself with some made up anecdotes from the distant past, and a passing reference to Bill Clinton; to the stirring tune of "Me and Bobby McGee". Heavy outstanding once again, but please come back soon!
A huge welcome back to Masturbait, after 10 weeks of travelling, and a fark off to Sillic. Criss Cross, Donuts and Puss Bucket were mentioned in absentia, and Fascinator was charged just to rekindle the energy of last week. Precious was told to get a head job, good or bad, while Normal and Rear Entry were given a fishy charge for being c*nts. Well deserved.
Sillic was cited for not being invited to any parties. He wondered what the fuss was about.
BP was charged with not paying attention, and her defence was she was channelling half a bar. She was rewarded with half a down down, and proceeded to leave the room to finish her text. Only 11 to go until 1000.
A nice meal, with an artistic table configuration in front of the log fire finished off the night to satisfaction.

Sympathies to Dumb and Dumber, with Nummy,who lost his mother Nellie during the week, aged in her nineties. All our thoughts and good wishes are with you and your family.

Next week's run continues the theme, at the Golf House Hotel; Fluid Movement the Hare.

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