Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RUN 1675 Venue: Bluebell Hotel Hare: Beer Fuck 11 August 2014

"Go West young man"God said to the Geologist! "Seek your fortune amongst fringe dwellers, flat ground, hot cars, bicycles with motors, and not many other joggers. Order your meals before you go to be ready for 8.15pm."


This trail probably did wash away with the intermittent heavy showers we’ve been having. BUT FUCK BEER had his bike handy to ride around and freshen up the markings one last time then shepherd us on the run trail.  Plunging into the depths of the west with ease, west ease that is. Violence on Violet, muggings in Marigold and past the Grand Master’s Store. Lucky the hare was there to cut off the extra 4km loop he had set in case we needed a challenge. Around the West railway station and out to Gillies. Meeting up at the

Drink Stop of Cerveza under a fairly full moon by Lake Wendouree, at the end of the Forest, in the back of the blue wagon the ice cubes hadn’t melted in fact they had grown bigger.  We listened to the birds night calls that 2 old Coots, SS and MASTA recognised as Musk Duck mating calls!!


Back at the cosy billiard room BILLY had passed the Baton to SHAFFY and as meals were only a few minutes away Down Downs were abbreviated to Do Dos.


Welcomes Backs to the west for the southern couple that so like the East. MOUNTIE and SNAGGY PUSS BUCKET had endured Iceland, Neverneverland, Belgieland, and Croatialand leaving NUM and DUM to do each other as they please, then dashing back for 2 hours sleep, work, then Hash. Would we expect less?  Also CRISS CROSS returned from his worldly euro jaunt. The only run of significance was FASCINATOR falling asleep on ZZ.


Intermittent HEAVY in absentia bastardised a hash classic; Aye Aye Aye Aye si si senora My sister Belinda she pissed out the window onto my big sombrero, CERVEZA’s luck and manhood were questioned in rhythmic lyric.  The chorus was sung enthusiastically and ingrained into memory banks of all to resurface next bus trip? Good roll-along run for some, through interesting neighbour hoods. (2 common words in these parts). At least equalling GIN ON THE ROCKS best effort. Well done!


MASTABAIT charged his travel mate who told us of CRISSCROSS likely starring on Border Crossings, his luggage having returned a positive swab for something akin to exprosives?  SNAGS wouldn’t repeat the highly humorous but short retort for us instead proceeding to produce some travel goodies from his Jet Lag Bag.

Two lovely pink lollypop fannies all the way from Amsterdam were passed to all day suckers REAR ENTRY and BOOTROOTER (talking under water is easier than asking Do you like that? With your tongue fully extended) It shut them up and we went for tucker in the Bistro.


The $15 Winter Warmer menu was popular for those that don’t yet qualify for the $11 Seniors Specials, (pre chewed in case dentures were deficient).


Next Week’s Run: BAD HAIR DAY at The Old Colonists Club in Lydiard Street Theme; ?? ROWDY will know

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