Wednesday, August 20, 2014

RUN 1676 Venue: Old Colonists Club Hare: Bad Hair Day 18 August 2014

Tried and true for a Ballarat Winter is the colonial air of the Old Colonist’s Club in the night spot centre of the city. Everyone attending smiled for all the CCTV cameras (more than at the Shed Soirée). Through the 2 sets of solid timber doors, up the beautiful carpeted staircase into the toasty bar area, gas wood fire ablaze.  It was almost too good to leave.

Again trail troubles were forecast due to the intermittent rain but the trumpfarter BAD HAIR DAY played the mini horn masterfully and his experience shone through like a polished scalp under a full moon.  He kept all runners tight and on track making the most of city cover yet getting a good run in.
Walkers happily arrived about the same time at the Drink Stop under cover in the library car park with some chaps chatting up the hash tarts and hoping for a freebie drink. They must have been French as I heard BP call them De Rose?  We skipped the starter at the soup kitched and headed home to the warmth and ales to find SOS out to play and volunteered to be Choir Master for the night.

NORMAL reckons his protégé GrogMaster FM is getting some from elsewhere and he had to once again serve solo.

Welcomes Backs to many;  ROADRUNNER to make sure he wasn’t a welcomes back for his own run next week (and his lovely friend that disappeared), GLIDER returned from European interhash, PEBBLES rolled in again, PLUCKA ducked in, heard to be recovering from an in-her-rear blockage, Stents are HOCKING bypassed some runs and has returned to test his excitement meter.

Significance was deemed to apply to the mighty OneOne69 not needing to MASTABAIT and Dozen matter about PLUCKA’S 12 runs.

HEAVY, having found something better to do, has penned a lyrical ode to the tune of “On top of old smokey” ON top of BAD HAIR DAY, no hair to be seen, but what does he have there? A loverly sheen.   More verses about his root toot tooting horn playing and that he has plenty of feelings, usually of Hash Tarts!.  Summary?  A Top winter run from the hairless hare.

STENTS Seargeanted in a steadfast manner. The biggest charge involved most in the room as it was his shout. BAIT had more travel tales of ineptitude involving CRISSCROSS.

SNAG’S sweet snatches, confectionary genitalia, aka pink lollypop fannies, featured again.  REAR ENTRY had dipped his in chocolate and finished it lickety-split. NORMAL got too excited he couldn’t get his tongue around it so he swallowed his hole whole!

Charges were bandied about some getting regular rooting and MRS D recognising the envies of those that dream of more. We finished the beer barrel so we ate.

T’was indeed sumptuous and generous feast lovingly prepared and served by the great Old Col Crew.  Sauces and gravies accompanied the multi-roast meats that came along with a grand selection of wholesome vigies followed by kiwi fruit salad and ice cream dessert.  Must Say; Thoroughly enjoyed by all, the full bellies rumbled Many Thankses!!

Next Week’s Run: Roadrunner at The North Britain Hotel  Cnr Doveton and Macarthur Streets for more warm cosy quality. (Gourmet was mentioned, something about tongue in cheek and lambs fry and Half a Favourite, Lamb cuntlets).

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