Monday, July 14, 2014

Run 1671 Hare: Spencer Hocking, Eureka Stockade Hotel, 14/07/14

Spencer Hocking has distinguished himself to be the only man to come between Ian Thorpe and George Pell (or Lake Esmond and St Alipius school). Dirty boy. The run from the Eureka Stockade Hotel was a back to basics affair, very well, and cunningly set on the right (and if it wasn't right it was wrong), which ended at a well stocked drink stop not very far from home. The stand in GM was the only one to follow trail past the Hash Ballroom - aka Jennings shed - but the run setting effort with appropriate landmarks was appreciated. The Silly Billy Goat is slowly settling into command, and will be well and truly ensconced by the time our flighty GM returns.
But absences persist, and the Heavy Screw had to be replaced by a Rowdy Root, who stumbled through with appreciative thanks to an email from Paraburdoo, with lyrics to a song about Spence the perve, Diddle diddle diddle Dum, which ended up with Fiddle diddle with the Bum, and somehow summed up the night.
Welcomes back to the trumpfarter from the Orient, and to Road Runner who has an affinity with a French connection and Bastille Day. Normal was charged for being hopeless, and Rear Entry was charged for being hopelessly pathetic; failed both hearing and IQ tests. BHD, Road Runner and Boot Rooter all had most of their runs whilst travelling, and so walked tonight.
Two amazing things happened. Bent Nose was chastened into admitting he was wrong; and KWAK was christened by the merkin from down under. KWAK readily adopted the position, as if she has been there before, and arose as Pluck a Duck.
Poor Rowdy was picked on mercilessly for something to do with football, by those who support Essendon and those who don't.
Sadly Num and Dumb leave us for the next 5 weeks. Next week's run will be set by Fascinator from the Top Eureka, with the promise of Hymen to follow.

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