Monday, July 7, 2014

Run 1670 Hare: Num Num Nummy, Cuthbert's Rd

A week of Welcomes' Back and Fark's Off;  Welcome Back to the Family Estate in Cuthbert's Rd, to the Tommy half a bar and his farken filthy tongue, and to Spencer Hocking settling into his role as Sergeant at Arms.
Fark Off to HAL the Una Farker, and Tommy the Ewefarker, and Fark You to Rear Entry and Sillic.

Welcome drinks also to the following, although it was like squeezing blood from a stone; Mr Floppy Tits, Her Vagesty, Jack, Warwick and Flo Jo, and Fascinator. Pebbles also.

The run was deftly set ON THE RIGHT the whole way, with the weather cold but kind, and a good pack of runners kept together by the hare. The walkers managed to find the drink stop concurrently with the runners, and made their way back to the family Estate in Cuthbert's Rd for the down downs and a wonderful meal with mashed potatoes to go with the steaks and veggies.
Heavy screwed manfully, both Dumb and Num: noting the potential danger in the run, with the safety of the 3 critical care ambulances ready to go next door, and the RDNS Director of Nursing present at the drink stop. He serenaded us with a version of Willie Nelson's "On Cuthbert's Road Again".
Charges revolved around the Cuthbert's/Crockers/Warwick Road similarities with runner's names, and more fark off charges to Mountie, and the Una Farker, and Tommy farken half a bar. Despite intense competition, Fascinator won the Philip Nitschke prize for the charge that died the most premature death.
Well Done!
By the way, Heavy will quietly fark off unannounced until November. All the best, big man in Paraburdoo.

Next week's run is from the Eureka Stockade Hotel, set by Spencer Hocking. Fascinator is doing something the week after.

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