Friday, April 18, 2014

Run 1658 : Bunch of Grapes Hare: Bootrooter

First run of new regime, THE BILL confirmed run number 1658!! SHAFTED prematurely announced welcomes back to FASCINATOR, also PEBBLES after doing Kiddies run through the tunnels of Melbourne.

BOOT ROOTER was making excuses even before the run that there were no on-backs as we are all too old for that….confirmed by the presence of his mobility scooter parked at the on-on. Despite the absence of on-backs to keep the running pack together, it was a fair run into the depths of Vic Park (where BOOT is suspected of having a half-way halt pondering the length of it).  Park residents were back at night time and on seeing a horde of torch bearers bearing down upon the barers, several cars suddenly switched on their lights and promptly departed thinking the mob of hashers could have been bashers?

Past the sheep sales on to the Brake factory where there was no stopping until DS at Ms D’s house with kids, lollies, trampoline, Wise Men, and more importantly Beer.

On Home through the Park and soccer goals where elder statesman, SS claimed his only goals were long life and enjoying good health. He’s done it all.

Significunt runs down downs were a free69 for the disappearing FOP (taken by Immac Concept), 77 for his other Precious son, 5.6.7 for Rear Entry, all three imbibing agua.

The HEAVY handed screw of BOOT ROOTER effort was to the tune of Beverley hillbillies cleverly rhyming SLACK with BEHIND YOUR BACK but overall Fostering Goodwill with Harmony.

After athletically leading the run with the HHorn, retired twice serving GM SOS was loitering as far from the centre of the circle as possible but on being drawn in with a charge tried to re assert his authority by calling the shots. The HALF-a-choir master forgot himself, couldn’t see past his peaked cap and shouted down Sergeant SPENCE.  He redeemed himself later by bringing the teacher an apple and presenting SHAFTED with BAR LIQUOR’s home-made fig Jam, labelled Fuck I’m Good – Just Ask Me.

Thanks go to Bunch of Grapes, their friendly welcoming staff and lovely meals, PLUS the sound proof door behind which we could freely express ourselves.

Next week is Easter Monday. Half a Bar’s & Liquor’s run from NEW EXITING venue 219 Coalmine Road Lal Lal.  Shelter Shed, Fire, Power, Warmth, BBQ, Drinks on Ice from Trailer, a bit of Bush. Even Tommy will be challenged to stuff this one up?  

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