Friday, April 11, 2014

RUN 1657 AGM JeSOS Save Me Last Run Hare; SOS

“And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain”, we recalled the booming Tom Waits esque voice of SOS singing Frank Sinatra’s Myyy Wayyy on the Awards Night.
Visiting dignitaries, HAVACHAT, GM from D&E and BONER from Western Suburbs were welcomed with a drink.
We don’t usually over-concern ourselves with birthdays, but, as these were so auspicious HAPPY BIRTHDAY down downs went to SOS, SHAFTED and BALLARAT SOVEREIGN HHH turning 31 (REAR ENTRY must have taken the down downs for Hash as on settling the down down account it was revealed he had taken it upon himself to chalk up his drinks on the Hash Tab!)
SOS revealed he wouldn’t will dipping his toe in for the turd cumming  and indeed by self-admission and consensus, his reign multiply climaxed during the memorable Mystery Shed Run as was also on the lips of many.
Bar Liquor amazed during interval with her “cleverly constructed, longer than a limerick” ode on her favourite subject Half a Bar and his eternal pursuit of Half a Bargain.
The passing of the baton was completed to SHAFTED who had obviously sought sage advice from a bevy of former leaders and espoused the findings in a dribble of quotes that sounded somewhat similar to past and present PMs rather than GMs culminating in Hash being the “suppository of all humour”.

Oft-times absent  seeking mineral wealth, it was respectfully announced that joint stewardship of the GM role would include THE BILL to form a precious alloy of “GOLD & COPPER”.

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