Thursday, March 27, 2014

Run 1655 Awards Night Battlers Taven Hare:Committee

This was really the night of the last supper. All Hashers' were dressed in their Roman gear to celebrate the grand night of awards.

there was a short run and plenty of drinks at the drink stop. The down downs went on into the awards.

Mountie won the Best club person of the year, Criss Cross the best Run (The Night of the Dead).

Her Vagesty won the Spectacle of the year for her efforts at the Shed!

Candida won the Shithouse run of the year... not sure why

The rest I cannot remember

Any was there and played some great music for us to dance to.

little Evil did a crack song

JeSoS did it his why...Pricks!

There are lots of great photos which one day we may see.

see you next week for the last run in the bush for the summer at Slatey Creek godbless Nummy

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