Thursday, March 13, 2014

Run 1553 Miners Tavern Hare; F57ck whit Phil

This run was confusing for many of the Hasher's cos the trail crossed over the run from 2 weeks ago. Some found the drink stop easy while others took their time.

The down downs were held in a private area which was just as well because it was Spencer Hocking 1000 run and he enjoyed the challenge of 1000 down downs.

The FOP O Metre was going up and down but Phil made sure the rise was better than Bent Nose's.

Little Evil was the Sergeant and again proved he has a quick wit which is always surprising!

There was a welcome back for Dumbers favourite man Haemorrhoid's, GILF goodbye, Mountie for not knowing how to use self service,  Spencer told a joke and Tommy Half a Bar was jealous, Glider for driving from Sydney and driving a Volvo, Normal for being him.

The meal was good and this is the venue for the upcoming Balls Up in October.

That's it the run for next week is now at the lake at a rotunda. The one where Shafted backed into the pole. See you there Nummy

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