Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Run 1390 Bent Nose 1000th Run

Hi Everyone

Congratulations to Bent Nose on achieving 1000th runs. Bent is the first inaugural runner of our hash to reach 1000 runs.
He originally hailed from Western Suburbs where he was called Morton, ran 380 runs and served a year as their GM.

How good was it to have so many visitors come to Ballarat to help celebrate the occasion. They almost outnumbered our runners.
I thought they must have held Bent in high esteem but I think they just wanted pay back from all those years of being roasted by our Prince of Pomposity.

We welcomed back Spider & welcomed a new runner. What was his name? Gay something..

We had 2 significant runners: Drop Kick 333 & Beer Phuk 33.

Whilst the runners were enjoying the run, Normal spent his time 'teasing' everyone with drink stop vehicle. This triggered a chain of events that, whilst no malice was intended, got out of hand.
Just shows that there is a fine line between funny & other peoples perception of funny.

Bent was suitably roasted & well done to Mrs D who did a great job as Sgt. Always a hard thing to do when visitors are involved.

Also, thank you to Mrs D for manning the bar all night & ably assisted by BP.

I have published the Awards Night flyer so start organising your cute little 'number' to wear.

Next weeks run is at Nuggety Dam & the On After is at the Top Eureka

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