Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Run 1389 National Hotel, Clunes

Hi Everyone

We had a nice, sociable night at the National Hotel under the watchful eye of an ex Hasher- Dazza - from Broken Hill.

Dazza the adopted Chinaman donated pizza, a lovely Superwoman glass & even decorated the place with some old Chrissy decorations to add to the atmosphere of the night.

Significant runners were: The Bill 1213, SS 1234, Bent Nose 999 & Dumb & Dumber 686.

Don't forget the big one next week. No...I haven't been peeking, I mean Bent Noses 1000th run at Donegan's Farm in Gordon.

There will be some visitors from other Hashes so I don't expect we will get away on time (do we ever!).
You will be able to buy your drinks from the Hash Bar we will have running. Prices will be cheap cheap cheap.

Hope to see lots of you there to give Bent Nose a roasting such as he has given many others in his time

On On
Lois Lane

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