Monday, March 16, 2009

Run 1392 Buningyong Golf Club

Hi Everyone

Thanks Penny Farthing for another great run & meal. Ok so it wasn't 12kms & flat as she stated, maybe a bit shorter & hillier but challenging none the less.

There was plenty of meat & a huge salad. Can't ask for more than that.

We welcomed back the newly weds Jethro & Bear Box, who was rechristened Sloppy Box for the night, & then they were both re-rechristened some other medical name which eludes me at the moment.

The only significant run was D & D - 6 ate 9. (689 for the slow ones).

Thank you to Moose Burger for stepping in as Grog Master & Easy Ride as Choir Master. For a new comer Easy Ride got all the names correct which is more than I can say for some of the regulars. Not to mention any names Rear Entry.

Just as the night was winding up Rowdy stepped in with a christening. Pos has been christened Pretty Simple.

Good news. I just rang BP in Un Zud & I got to speak to Mastabait. Yep, he is over his dummy spit & speaking to us again.
Crock related a story about a local who told them his wife was over in Melbourne on a shopping holiday. He said while she is away he is going to be painting his dick. Crock said they were mortified & were too scared to ask what that involved until they learnt how to speak Un Zud & realised he was painting his DECK!!

Our thoughts go out to Drambui & Doggy Bag & hope they recover soon from their injuries.

Next weeks run is the big one. The Awards Night at Porticos. Don't forget to frock up in something formal.

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