Monday, December 4, 2017

4 - 12 - '17    Run 1854    Eureka Stockade 

PLUCKA's "Battle of Eureka" run. Early start at 6:00 for the 
Hash 35, to catch the 6:23 to the City. All busy, getting sorted 
with the new T shirts going everywhere. Signing the book,
FASCINATOR said, "Oh good, the year of my birth", (not 1854),
but his Run No 63.
FOP welcomed all, mentioning the year of "The Rebels" 
uprising (what do we want, when do we want it?). New runners
were Americans Ken & Mrs Ken (or should that be Barbie?).
FOP's question, "where do we catch the bus?" ..... umm, at the
bus-stop. The bus off-loaded us all at the main stop in Little 
Bridge, & we all strolled up to the Bakery Hill Flag. MOUNTIE
got busy sorting Runners as soldiers & Walkers as miners,
to be on either side of the flag. BENT NOSE took to the stone 
podium, & did his chant, "These feet, these hands ......" 
A steady walk back to the Stockade, stopping at the Eureka
markers for SPENCER HOCKING to go thru' his spiel, direct
from the Eureka Walk pamphlet. We hadn't realised that 
Carboni's Pizza joint had been going for so long !!!
The Drink-stop (& damper) was at the Stockade Monument, 
with a fair sort of a wait for the runners. Soon, the "battle" was 
on between "soldiers & miners", with plenty of red & white
flour bombs dispersed. 
At the circle, FOP congratulated PLUCKA for a job well done,
a welcome for Just Ken & Just Marg, & welcomes back for
BAR LICKER, HALF A BAR & GLIDER ..... "You're stupid,
you're stupid, you're so f*cking dumb".
Screw FASCINATOR was almost doing cart-wheels at the 
thought of screwing PLUCKA, & thought that there was more
planning put into the night, than for the original Eureka. 
It was a great (hysterical) historical run, with a fascination 
level of 9.69 .... "S.h.i.t.t.y T.r.a.i.l. .. I'd rather drink warm beer".
Sergeant SPENCE had PLUCKA out the front for the No 1854,
as 1+8=9, 5+4=9, so 18 is the digit sum of 9, which is the 
square root of 81, which is the digit sum of 9 !! ..... "Do your
tits hang low, do they wobble to & fro ....." PLUCKA then had
a 'back to back' charge for the run passing by the Vegan cafe.
QUICKDICK was called out for a charge but was absent, so 
you'll do DIMWIT, then BEERFUCK, as a miner, explained that
a 'lead' is a creek full of gold ......... "Why was he born so
          beautiful ...... he's no f*cking use at all".
THE BILL took the soldier's charge, joined by Paul the Pom.
The Rebellion was all about the monarchists & republicans
in that order, so out you come HALF A BAR & MOUNTIE.
On the topic of miners' taxes, BENT NOSE called out SPENCE,
DONUTS, HALF A BAR & NUTCRACKER as our prime suspect
non tax payers, & Ken represented Donald Trump. ..........
         "They're the meanest, they suck the horse's penis".
HALF A BAR stayed out there, as the "wealthy land owner" 
against the miners ...... Hymn, hymn, f*ck hymn.
FASCINATOR said that "Australia did it all in 1854, the 
Americans took till 1860" - out you come Ken & Marg ..........
         "No, no, no, bad, bad, bad ......"
A distraction right here, as FASCINATOR points out the 6 
'couch surfers' walking along Eureka St .... carrying a couch!
BEERFUCK had a charge for the girls of PMT Hash, to make
sure of their "Fannuary" donations ....... "What a wank" ......
GLIDER produced yet another newspaper clip - Stock & Land
no less, for the prize winning HALF A BAR  ............. at last,
          .......... "give us an A".
DUMB & DUMBER charged GLIDER for being the next one in
line to ask "where's the run this week?", then SPENCE to 
HALF A BAR for some bad behaviour, & BAR LICKER for 
being complicit in same.
NORMAL had a charge for HALF A BAR (& ROWDY) - "F*ck off
you're no good at anything. I gave you the job of checking the 
green light on the BBQ, & you handed it on to ROWDY & he's
f*ckin' colour blind!!"
MOUNTIE had some charge for Jess (?), SPENCE to 
'Just Marg' for asking " was Carboni the 1st one to bring in
Pizza?", then FASCINATOR to D&C for the question, "where's
my fanny?"
THE BILL charged HALF A BAR being the only one of us, who
could afford the piece of original flag going up for auction.
FASCINATOR gave ROWDY the redhead charge, & as one 
redhead drinks ... out the front - RANDOLPH, Ali, DIMWIT 
(covered in red flour) & BAD HEAD JOB (just a red 'head' - 
nothing else!!). 
R.A. MOUNTIE had 2 Christenings ... Ken ... arise FAR-KEN,
& Marg ... arise CAROL.
Tasty BBQ of snags & hamburgers, salads & cheese, bread & 
rolls was 'bill of fare' that followed.

Next weeks run - 1855 - Hare the '6' figures Birthday Girl
MOUNTIE, from North Ballarat Bowling Club, with 
Hollywood dress-up. 



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