Monday, July 10, 2017

10 - 7 -'17     Run 1832     Grapes Pub

MASTABAIT & NORMAL, the combined Hares' Run from
the newly reno'd Grapes. FOP welcomed new runner
Katrina, as he said, " D&C made Katrina cum tonight".
NORMAL said it was a short run, marked left, right &
everywhere, while PUSBUCKET mentioned "it must be
like MOUNTIE - short & very tight". Things you hear on 
the run - PLUCKA's pussy. She didn't follow an AFL team
until she went to some bash, & the attendees found out.
They decked her out in the gear, & now she's a Geelong
2 drink-stops - the 1st for "Dickens Cider", & after a run 
round the hills, back to the 2nd, on the opposite corner
for a welcome Crowny. Was good of the Hares to order 
in the generator & flood lights for us behind Da Uday.
At the circle, FOP welcomed Katrina again, with D&C,
& of course NORMAL was there to take her drink.
Welcomes back (even if you've only missed 1 week),
FASCINATOR & local bar-fly Wendell Sailor, no, not 
the rugby player.
REAR ENTRY succumed to MOUNTIE's "Knock knock
....... Owen the Saints" charge, & then the all in chorus.
FASCINATOR took to the floor & said about the
"fabulous" run, tho' he wasn't on it, then told a "lead
fart gag" - think he might have been "fascinated" by
having another Courier photo in - this time at the 
burned out playground. He gave the run a 6.6 
(should've been an 8.6), then the Hares drank together
to another 'lead fart', ...... Ought to be publicly....!!
out the front for the statement " You can't pick up 
lollies (at the drink-stop) or masturbate with gloves on".
CRUTCHLESS couldn't demonstrate 'cos she had no
gloves on, & as all masturbators drink together .....
& Wendell Sailor.
BENT NOSE charged D&C for having to get both THE BILL
& NORMAL as stand-in drinkers.
ROWDY had a send off drink for his Coast to Coast in 4 
weeks, in the UK (& which route/root was he taking), but
FOP reckoned he was only getting away from the football,
& as all Pies supporters drink together .... enter CHRIS 
CROSS - you missed out PEBBLES.
The Hares had charges for each other - MASTABAIT for
saying about the whale photos he took (wasn't he in 
the Territory?), & NORMAL for wanting to give the 
City Council man his address, as he sprayed the first
paint on the road, for the run.
FASCINATOR had a drink for having no Hash Gear & 
sitting down at the circle, then step-daughter CRUTCHLESS
for being 'stuffed' (not by SHAFTED), but for shovelling his
dirt all day long.
DIMWIT had a drink to commemorate the 1st man (Juri) into
outer space. 
SPENCE displayed the re-imbursment cheque from the Gold
Nash Hash, that's going to be donated.

Next week's run - PRECIOUS' 18th Birthday Run from
The Market Pub.

Scribe over & out for the next 3.

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