Tuesday, February 7, 2017

6 - 2 -'17             Run 1808            South Gardens

PUSBUCKET's run & cricket match. The 'athletes' took off towards the 
Lake, as 10 bar flys were left to quench thirsts, & watch as the 'late'
SHAFTED arrived, complete with Hash BBQ Trailer, & ride-on mower -
did he think the Council was remiss with the lawn cut, or had 
Brian Blood thrown a spanner in the works?
Back at the On After, we all lined up Guard of Honour style, with our
'poppers', to honour MOUNTIE's 1000th. NUMMY then welcomed back
SS screwed PUSBUCKET & quickly made him realize that the East 
isn't as good as the West after all. The trail was well marked, even 
paused at the statues of Bodgy 'Hawke' & Liar 'Juliar', & a good
Drinkstop, although wearing the R.A. hat, the weather hadn't been
particularly well ordered.
Charges, post cricket match, were for DR DEATH, who should be
renamed SUDDEN DEATH for his stumpings, ROWDY's fully decked
out in creams & HALF A BAR going to ground after his big trip up.
The sad passing of PENNY FARTHING's husband Pat Hope was
also recognized.
Sergeant ROWDY's charges were for SHAFTED, as HEAVY had a 
free ride to Melbourne, & again for HALF A BAR going arse over head.
'1808' and SPENCER HOCKING & PIMP drank up for the 'Rum Rebellion',
(only successful armed takeover of the Government). 
Waitangi Day saw the Kiwi's LOIS LANE & BP celebrating, NUMMY 
for the women footballers playing like men & BENT NOSE for the 4
Essendon players getting their cars stolen ( guess the crims thought
that being Essendon cars, there'd be plenty of drugs around!).
REAR ENTRY won $500, so now he's probably only $1000 down.
R.A. PUSBUCKET got rid of the rain, so now it's looking like good
weather for Nash Hash - FANG a pathetic charge. DR DEATH looked
Regal in his Bowler Hat & REAR ENTRY got out of PIMP's Essendon
sponsored car, but saw no 'Greene' signs at all. LOIS LANE celebrated
her 38th Anniversary & had seen a 'Cockatoo !!' (woohoo).
PIMP had a 4 page tell all article in a mag & REAR ENTRY for Bernadi
leaving the Liberal Party. PIMP had a 4th drink as he'd mentioned
(as a very poor HashMan !!), that 3 was enough, SILIC for his 
judgement at the cricket, & MASTABAIT for wanting to carve up the field.
DR DEATH & HALF A BAR won the cricket, but HALF A BAR was on
the podium without even scoring, & PEBBLES was Man of the Match.
So as not to stray from tradition, Security arrived at the end to check
on our behaviour, & we all bought the cans from behind our backs
as he shook hands & joked with 'Old Mate' DR ROWDY.

Next week's run - Pebbles, from home. 

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