Wednesday, January 18, 2017

23 - 1 -'17           Run 1805           Waubra

FASCINATOR's run on the grassy fields at Waubra. 
NUMMY welcomed Hash visitors WAIT A WHILE, & URI, & the
injured Janey (on crutches), with welcomes back to GLIDER
About 22 Athletes took to the grass in full sun, while 9 Bar Flys
& Janey quenched thirsts in the shade of the On After tree, till we 
all met in the barn out back, for the drink-stop, with some runners
either lost or taking their time to arrive. Back at the On After,
SS screwed FASCINATOR for his local "animal run" thru' the 
paddocks, the good weather/venue & well stocked drink-stop (the
phantoms hadn't even drunk it all !!). JITTERBUG thought it 
was a c**t of a run, & TEFLON complained that THE BILL had
all the heifers.
Stand in Sergeant SHAFTED produced the newly removed bag
of testicles, that someone had said they looked like pebbles,
so PEBBLES had a drink to celebrate that they weren't his, but
SILIC could certainly use one & get rid of his rubber implant, &
as Ball Breakers. Janey drank up for falling off the ladder while
looking for her Wii & "was that only crutch she could get"? 
JITTERBUG did a calf on the run, & FASCINATOR for always
"doing his calves". DR DEATH bought up the sniffycunts of
1805 (where were you ROWDY?) James Squire planting the 
1st Aussie crop of hops.
HALF A BAR was making too much noise (who knew?) for the
sleeping night shift nurse in the house. MOUNTIE charged EXIT
for having a 'lip' either side of the wire on the electric fence.
HEAD HUNTER didn't worry about gaiters - hers are for the 
snow in Oslo. MRS D charged SS for the 'topography' term,
but with HEAD HUNTER, PLUCKA & NUMMY out in front,
should it be 'bottomography' or maybe 'top-off-ography?'
R.A. PUSBUCKET rose to the pulpit to initiate the previously
un-initiated DR DEATH, ( move on people - there's nothing new 
here !!) .... just a smidgen etc etc .... arise "DR DEATH".
SHAFFY charged DR DEATH for his 8 years at Uni, & NUMMY 
for her 2 &1/2 yr 'Gap Year'. JITTERBUG had a drink for wearing
sandals on the run, & for having to pick grass seeds out of 
her pants. REAR ENTRY & SILIC celebrated REARY's 
appointment of a new Managing Director / Tech Expert
in SILIC, & URI had no idea what was happening tonight,
but couldn't get the smile off his face !!
DR DEATH charged DUMBER for trotting out the old "your
car's not going" trick.
That's enough !!
Next week's run - SILIC - short run, then barefoot bowling
at the B'rat North Bowling Club.

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