Monday, October 10, 2016

10 - 10 -'16      Run 1791     Market Pub

MRS DICKHEAD'S run in the wind & rain. Sniffyc*nts of 1791 by 
our Wikied-up DR ROWDY, is the birth year of 
Sir George Gipps of Gipps(land) namesake.
GM NUM "raised the bar" again by actually turning up.
Welcome back to LOIS LANE & PAULINE, & welcome to the 
Can't comment 'bout the run, as the Blog Bastard joined the
bar flys at the opposition Pub, not even making it for a Light
Beer drinkstop at MRS D's. 
SS had some dreams (wet or nightmare ??) but screwed
MRS DICKHEAD for a good run anyway. 
NORMAL had a drink for something about Trump & the debate,
HALF A BAR was called Wylie Coyote for not sharing his
"horse's mouth sure-fire" bets with everyone and GOANNA 
& SCRUBBA for texting DUMBER about the Hash Run.
MOUNTIE was mortified that the Queen's oldest Corgi had died.

That's all folks !!

Next week's run - PUSBUCKET from Steffen Close (off York St).

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